01 October 2012

Kitchen Art

I had a custom painting/sign made from the ever so lovely Aimee Weaver. I first found Aimee a few months ago via PINTEREST. Everyone was pinning this sign of hers

I went to her blog, and contacted her, asking her if she'd be willing to make my favorite dinner time prayer into some art for me. 

Here's the outcome! 

Here's Aimee's Etsy shop too, if anyone is interested checking out some already pre made signs/art of hers!

I love Aimee's work and am SO HAPPY with the outcome of the sign! 



  1. i love it;
    and ever since i saw this..my boyfriend and i have started saying this; love it

  2. I seen this when you posted it on IG! I fell in love with it. I love that dinner prayer! She did such a great job on it & I am glad you loved the outcome of it :)

  3. i love it, she did a perfect job!


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