25 October 2012

Safe Haven Official Trailer


I still have NOT seen The Lucky One starring my underage crush Zach Efron!!! Say What!?!
I've been that busy!

I saw that they finally released his new trailer for "Safe Haven" and to be really honest, does anyone else think/feel that even though Josh Duhamel is easy on the eyes, I felt the acting was super cheesy! Like there was no emotional tie to the character?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed it!



  1. I get that feeling with a lot Nicholas Sparks movies... The books are so much better!

  2. I can totally see what you mean.
    They actually filmed the movie in Southport, NC which is where we are stationed. It was pretty cool to watch them set up and build sets and stuff. I'm excited to see it just for the simple fact that we watched "behind the scenes".

  3. OMG I just finished this book!! I had no idea they were coming out with a movie for it!!! I can't wait

  4. I haven't seen the Lucky One either and I wanted to so badly! I almost rented it the one day I had some free time and then someone told me oh that movie sucked I had to turn it off after 5 minutes. I guess I will just have to see for myself.

  5. oh wow ya i def agree with you girl- def good to like at but not exactly who i thought would play alex. i loved the book so ill be interested to see the movie!

  6. After watching the trailer I agree. I loved this book but he isn't what I had pictured as Alex....hope it is still good!

  7. you're not missing anything w the lucky one. i love zac efron, and the movie is so boring.


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