22 March 2012

Tail Wagging Tues Link up for THIS TUES! Get ready!

Just wanted to give everyone a head start and let cha all know that Tail Wagging Tuesday will be up and running this Tuesday

Instagram edition!

This means Share ALL those pet pictures you have snapped using instagram!

Here's an example: 

Okay now everybody go get their Tuesday Post ready!!! 



  1. I take pictures of my dog like it's my job! I probably have hundreds on my phone... Your pooch is SO cute. I love those little fluff balls ;)

  2. YES! this is the best idea. This collage is going to be HUGE!!!

  3. YAY! LOVE THIS! I will definitely be joining! Brandi is pretty much on my instagram everyday! HAHA

  4. Love. I can't get enough of your adorable pup. So sweet!

  5. You should add a hashtag for those of us who dont have/update our blogs (hmm, did I just admit to blog stalking but being too lazy to update my own?)

    #TailWaggingTuesday ?

    I love love your lil fluff ball. Too cute!!


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