16 March 2012

70s & 80s' Kids RULE!

I heart being a child of the early 80s. 
Best childhood ever.

I really feel bad for kids today. 

My students today had no idea what "Ghost in the Graveyard" was (game played outside with other fellow neighbors)

That's just one thing they had no clue about!

On another note...

I'm officially on spring break after today!
Woo hoo! 



  1. I agree! Being a kid was the best. We pretty much lived outside.

  2. We were talking about this at work the other day - I was born in 1985 so I'm an 80's girl too. Did you ever play the Oregon Trail on the computers at school? Ah, classic game! I hated it when you broke a wagon wheel haha.

  3. That is just plain awesome! I love being an 80's baby and laugh when chitlins' are proud to be 90's babies..Um not yet twerps. We are barely in the 2000's, so they aren't as cool ;) Happy Spring Break!!

  4. Totally agree. I was born in the 80's and I can remember playing outside everyday until the porch light came on. Then if it was a friday night, I'd turn on ABC and watching TGIF shows.


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