08 March 2012

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Hello blog peeps! I am ALIVE I just have been SUPER busy this week! No joke! I haven't had time to tweet, FB, or even pin anything from Pinterest! Eeek! 

It's been nothing new on my home front, just lots keeping me busy with my job!:)(also been helping a fellow blogger tweak her blog a bit so that takes time too!) 

4th Grade's almost completed Sun Flower Clay bowls inspired by the great Vincent VanGogh

5th Grade just got into their lesson on Cakes by the famous Wayne Thiebauld (pronounced TEE-BOW)
can't wait to share more pictures once they are all completed!

4th 5th 6th After School Art kiddos got to do some scratch art.

Gotta be real honest I am not a huge fan of scratch art. 
The kids get really upset when they make mistakes and can't erase or fix their papers.

A lot of the time they have trouble conveying making their images/pictures look "real".

2nd grade just started Clown Portraits....
More to come...

 Kinders finally finished coloring their 5 Tiered Birthday Cake for Dr. Suess' birthday! I love that the cake just about as tall as they are, if not taller! 

My After school art kiddos just learned about Pop Art/Roy Lichtenstein 

and good old onomatopoeias


  1. You've gotta be the coolest art teacher out there! Such awesome ideas for the kids!

    www.livingbarefootandcrazy.blogspot.com ♥

  2. lucky kids to have a teacher like you! those projects look awesome!!!

  3. lucky kids to have a teacher like you! those projects look awesome!!!

  4. Ah you got the labelbox app. I found it this week and love, love, love it!

  5. my favorite thing about art class was doing clay!! It was the big thing I would look forward to EVERY year!

  6. I love those clay bowls!! Your students are so talented!!

  7. Clay projects!! I wish my art teacher in school would have done that!

  8. Your kids are doing some great work - they must have a fabulous teacher! I've been enjoying exploring your blog, I'll be following with pleasure! Would love you to visit me at Dream Painters (coincidentally named for the same Van Gogh quote you have featured!) :)


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