22 March 2012

Movie Reviews

I saw 21 Jumpstreet during the week since I've been on Spring Break. I was a brave soul and went alone since Mister Wonderful had to work obviously, and other teacher friends who don't work for the same school district as I, were in fact off last week for SB not this week.

It was funny, although the foul language was at an all time high, and there were a lot of crude humor I heard a few gasps from some of the older folk in the theater LOL 

I will admit I just have a hard time "liking" comedies anymore. They aren't really all that "funny" at least in my opinion! The last good movie I saw was Safe House, and before that I can't even recall any! 

I think I am one tough critic! I didn't find Bridesmaids funny, I never thought Anchorman was funny back in the day or old school. I guess I never really got into the stupid funny movie. Cept for American Pie genre but that could of been my age and that time period of my life? 

Who knows. I didn't even see any good previews for any upcoming potential movies I would want to see either, which kinda was a let down! 

I'm not even sure I;; see The new Nicholas Sparks movie, since I really hated the one he casted Miley Cirus in!



  1. Do you think Johnny Depp is laughing his ass off somewhere at this?

  2. Have you seen Friends with Benefits? I typically don't find movies funny either, but that one was hilarious!

  3. Ohmygosh I am the SAME way! I don't EVER thing movies are funny when other people rave about them! I mean, I'll chuckle, but rolling with laughter? Not really. I saw previews for the new American Pie movie and I think it might actually end up being quite comical. Check out the previews online. :)

  4. ah movies... I hardly go see any these days. Maybe this is why?

  5. Forrest has been wanting to see this movie ever since we saw the two actors on Chelsea Lately - I'll have to send him your review :)

    Ahhhh, Spring Break - I'm so jealous!

  6. I agree that there is a fine line between funny and stupid these days. Things I thought were funny 5 years ago just annoy me now.

  7. You know I dont think many movies look interesting anymore either but I couldnt stop laughing through this movie..My husband said he wasn't sure if the movie was funny or if he couldn't stop laughing because I was laughing so hard! :)

  8. Awwww man I saw this on TV and thought it looked really funny. Too bad! Thanks for the reviews so now I can easily pick them instead of standing in like for 10 min. trying to decide.

  9. I use to love the old show with Johnny Depp! I need to give this one a try!


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