19 March 2012

Heart Art

 So my after school (4th 5th 6th graders) learned about Notan designs and I will be honest and say their first projects looked sloppy and not up to par. So the next day when they showed up, we did the same lesson again (after I preached how disappointed I was with behaviors that were getting in the way of making great art). The redo was way worth it. Teachers were complimenting left and right over these. It was a great lesson to tie with symmetry and positive and negative space/shapes.

 I love George Rodrigue. (I even have a signed book by him) I haven't taught the blue dog lesson in 2 years but my 1st graders loved learning WHY is BLUE DOG BLUE?!?!
If you don't know, you'll have to pick up the book and find out! 

 My Kiln has been running ALL WEEK non stop for getting 4th grade's projects fired and glazed. Their Van Gogh inspired clay sunflowers turned out so lovely!! 

2nd graders just completed these cute clown portraits. This is the first year I didn't have any of my students say they thought clowns were scary! yay! 

Chalk was used, white china marker to outline in white. 

This might be my last student art update for a while, seeing how the ASU Art Show is in 2 weeks and I have to get all my students pieces together for this big honorary show! 



  1. I am not gonna lie, we totally did those same clown drawings early elementary school! On black paper too! Its funny the things I remember about being young

  2. Seriously, you have the best job ever. Every time you post the kids art, it makes me want to pull out my art supplies and start playing. I'm so jealous!!

    I have sent a few of your blog posts to friends who are elementary school teachers and they say they dont have the time allotment or supply budget to do anything as cool. It makes me sad that some schools dont have the resources to teach the kids these important activities.

    Anyway, awesome projects. I especially love the Van Gogh inspired dishes. I'm sure they'll have an appreciation for his art for a long time now. I just love how unique each one is!!

    Have a great day!


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