30 March 2012

art room happenings

 The kiln is going to be running again all next week! My 5th graders just finished their coil pots. Teaching clay is hard in AZ, literally have to get them to finish in ONE class period because the clay dries so incredibly fast! 

 My after school 4th 5th and 6th grades did another variation of Notan Designs. Love this new lesson! 

 4th is currently underway with their second part of their Van Gogh study (the first was their ceramic bowls) Now they are drawing and painting a still life of the flowers! 

3rd graders just finished their Pirate Portraits (not necessarily of themselves) 
They LOVED writing Pirate "talk" words around their frames..
Ahoy Matey! Where's me treasure you scurvy scoundrel!? 

2nd graders just finished their Van Gogh sunflowers too! I try to have every lesson do SOME sort of interaction with Sunflowers and Van Gogh



  1. Oh my gosh, I love that you teach pottery! I'm in AP 3D and work with clay everyday. Those Van Gogh painting/drawings are adorable!

  2. So glad that I stumbled upon your lovely and oh so creative blog tonight! The other occupation in life I always loved was being an elementary education teacher...love that you are teaching art! So FUN! :)

  3. The pottery looks great! Your kids always do such good work (must be a good teacher! ;))

  4. I love all of your art projects! I remember in the 4th grade we did coiled clay pots too, my parents still have mine in our den!


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