01 March 2012

Little Diddy

Last weekend I was on a mission to find a new rug before my parents come (they haven't seen Mister Wonderful and I since LAST YEAR so I've been making sure everything is put together at our house for their quick visit!)

Old Rug
(Note to others: Having an off white rug is NEVER a wise decision if you are expecting it to last and or expecting it to ever wash clean. It doesn't. At least not one that is used in a heavy traffic area! 

You'll notice off to the side there is also a small little navy blue rug--that's where we take our shoes off and put them when we first come in. This entry way shown is our back door entry way, which we use as our main door since our front door we don't go in and out of much at our condo. 

Why blue? Our place mats on our kitchen table are blue, my drinking glasses have a glass blown blue rim so I guess I was trying to keep things kinda in the same color scheme.

I also finished our photo gallery wall. I started it when Mister Wonderful and I first moved in to our condo a year and a half ago!

I was missing 2 pictures. I literally didn't like any of the pictures we had taken of "Us" over the last few months and finally when we took our engagement pictures, I picked 2 of our favorites and filled the empty frames!

Gallery wall complete! :) 

I'm definitely NOT good at hanging straight, but I did what I could! 

Frames are from Michaels. I have to complain about Michaels. For the amount of frames and the price they sell them at, their frames are often beat up, chipped and in terrible condition. I often feel like writing a letter to corporate to address this issue. One day....



Okay moving on....so I was watching a little bit of Boring Ben on the Bachelor and POOF! On came a little insert of Emily Maynard and Ali Fed and Ashley H! 

I was jumping for joy. Anyone that has followed me over the year knows I AM totally in love with Emily's style 

Remember when I was ga-ga over her necklace and ended up finding it on ebay? 

can re-read that post here

And of course I totally love the necklace she was sporting in the whole 5 min of screen time she had...

thanks to the possessionista, I have another "want" on my list! haha

Happy Thursday lovelies! 


  1. I have a thing against Michaels too! I tried to get some art work framed and they told me I was getting a great deal...50% off...the total was $450! No thanks! Their frames are always beat up! Your photo wall looks awesome and I also LOVE Emily Maynard - can't wait to watch her season!

  2. our dog did the SAME thing when I came home with a small area rug for in front of the back door. I laid it down, was happy with the way it looked and then Ruger decided he needed to claim it as his own.

    Love the gallery wall and I totally agree with the Michael's thing...I normally don't buy my frames there any more for THAT reason. I check out TJ Maxx and we have a Hobby Lobby with a great selection of frames. I feel like the way Michael's displays the frames (all leaning against one another)causes the imperfections =/

  3. love that gallery wall! looks great!

  4. Love the new rug and photo gallery wall!!!! And as always, Aspen is soooo darn cute!

  5. Love the gallery wall. You did a great job!

  6. The first thing I noticed about that photos was that Ali doesn't have a ring on her finger. Does that mean she and Roberto aren't together? Have I been living under a rock? Man, maybe I should do some research!

  7. oh em geee- love me some bachelorertte emily maynard!! any screen time away from ben and creepy courtney is always a welcome change :) can't wait for her new season! so sad we have to wait til the summer.. can't they air it live?!

    your gallery wall looks great :) must feel so good to have some things crossed off your to-do list!!

  8. I love the necklace Emily is wearing in this pic and had already ordered it from Stella and Dot before I even saw her wear it! So pretty. Cute new rug.

  9. Love the rug. Love the blue. To me, the new rug looks kind of like a negative image of the old rug (blue instead of cream and cream instead of blue).

  10. the gallery wall looks great! and i like your rug and that little cutie! ;)

    p.s. i totally agree with what you said about frames from michael's! my mom usually gets stuff framed at aaron brothers. :)

    <3, Mimi

  11. I agree about Michael's.. I love them b/c they have coupons every week for 40% one item. Then it doenst seem so bad if the frame has a little something "off" about it. haha.. :) Loving that necklace, girl! I think you need it!

  12. I love your gallery wall!! and ohhh boring ben... thank goodness they showed emily for a brief moment in time!

  13. love the gallery wall!
    and the rug looks great!

  14. thats funny I saved that pic of the girls to blog about at some point, cant wait for her season

  15. I seriously can't wait for Emily's season of the Bachelorette!!


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