26 October 2011

What's in your milk?

Recently Mister Wonderful shared with me an article as to why we don't buy just any old plain milk. 

Most of you that have followed me for a while, know we drink a lot of 

almond milk

 here. Since October is pretty much cancer awareness month, this is why I am sharing this with all of you.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. If you're a woman, your chance of getting breast cancer in your lifetime is about one in eight.
Researchers at a breast cancer conference stated that up to one-third of breast cancers could be avoided by making different lifestyle choices, such as the foods you choose to eat.
There is one food you may be surprised to learn, that is  directly linked to breast cancer—and that is pasteurized dairy in the form of milk or milk products.
The risk lies in consuming milk from cows treated with a synthetic, genetically engineered growth hormone called rBGH, and unfortunately, this applies to about one third of the dairy cows in America.
When you consume dairy products from these cows, every product made from their milk is contaminated with this dangerous hormone—be it cheese, ice cream, yogurt, butter—or just plain milk.
Cows are injected with rBGH to boost their milk production. 

The good think is many products are now labeled as rBGH-free. For example, Polly-O string cheese in the smaller size is labeled rBGH-free (although the giant bulk pack from Costco is not).

Any dairy product labeled as organic cannot, by definition, contain rBGH.
Whole Foods Market confirmed to me that 365 Brand products do not contain milk from cows given rBGH.
Stonyfield Farms also confirmed to me that none of their products contain milk from cows given rBGH.
Starbucks uses rBGH-free dairy in all beverages.

All of the following companies sell rBGH-free milk. This information came from Wikipedia, each with a citation, and appears accurate.
Dean Foods
Winder Farms (a home delivery dairy and grocer in Utah and Nevada)
Safeway in the northwestern U.S.
Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club “Great Value” brand milk is rBGH-free but may not be labeled as such.
Mister Wonderful and I buy the GREAT VALUE milk too, when we don't want certain things we eat/cook with to have that Almond taste to it.

Good Milk!


Dannon is 80% rBGH-freeYoplait appears to be rBGH-free. Whole Foods 365 BrandStonyfield, and all organic yogurt is rBGH-free. I’ve read that, in the northeast, Trade Joe’s yogurt is from Stonyfield, which would make it rBGH-free, but I have no confirmation on this from the company.

So after reading all of this, I thought to myself, 
so what's the difference between a milk that is rBGH-free and organic?  Why should I buy organic milk versus just regular milk that is rBGH-free?

 Just remember this...
for milk to be organic, the cows cannot be given artificial hormones, so by definition organic milk is rBGH and rBST free.
However, if milk is rBGH/rBST free but not organic, the farmer is not required to meet organic standards like organic feed, adequate space, and limits on medications.

What are you drinking/cooking with at your house? 

Don't be a cheapskate! 
Your life depends on it! 




  1. This is really good to know!!

  2. We switched to the Horizon milk a few years ago and I swear up and down that organic milk tastes better!

  3. It's scary to think of all the harmful ingredients in our every day products we consume. Thank you for posting this girl!

  4. So glad you posted this. It scares me how much is going into what we eat/drink that can end up killing us. It really makes you wonder. This will definitely be something that I'll pay more attention to next time I'm at the grocery store!

  5. Thanks for sharing this--now I need to look at my milk and see!

  6. I switched to the same almond milk about a year ago and haven't drank regular milk since! Maybe once or twice when it's used in recipes. Great informative post!!

  7. I love this post, seriously everyone needs to read this!

    I love almond milk, I think it tastes so much better than cow milk.

  8. WOW...thank you for this insight. I live in a VERY small town and some of these things aren't available..but I'll be doing my best to make the switch where I can. Thank you!!!

  9. I love Full Circle Organic Vanilla Almond Milk but I am doing atkins so I have to cut it out. But I also have a friend in colorado who gets milk and eggs delivered to her house like the old days. All organic!

  10. i had no idea. honestly. Its a good thing I usually buy the walmart great value brand milk. The commissary here is expensive.

  11. Wow, I had no idea. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I've known about this for years and years now. This stuff is scary. My mom is a nurse so shes super concious about foods. I've learned SO much from her on what to eat and what not to eat. I drink almond milk and rice milk, they're delicious! But for cereal i drink organic lactose free milk.

    P.S. I LOVE your header and your picture! So cute! And you're way too pretty!

  13. yes yes yes yes yes and YES!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS POST you have no idea.

    ok where do I start.

    ok I am SOOOOOO passionate about this whole hormone rBGH thing thing. Did you know that my two boys have never EVER had a sip of milk? never in their life. I used to drink milk by the gallon. Non-fat milk by the gallon, until I did some reading and research and was flabbergasted, APPALLED, at what was going on with the farming industry and I switched solely to organic milk, but then the more and more I researched, I cut milk out all together. I haven't bought a gallon of milk for over 4 years.

    and my kids went straight to ricemilk when they were 1, I have never given them cows milk and never will. Someone actually tried to give it to Gunner once (they didnt know that I dont give it to him) and he spit it out and threw the cup. They haven't ever had juice either but that's a whole different story.

    With all this said, if I were to give my kids milk, I think I would be totally fine with organic. I have heard lots of good things with Horizon Organic milk, my kids are just so used to ricemilk that I am just keeping them on that.

    I LOVED THIS!!! I HATE when people try to tell me that buying organic is useless and that it's not worth the money and its a scam....I COMPLETELY agree that the nasty crap they are putting in our food is causing cancer, WITHOUT A DOUBT.

    human consumption is getting WAY out of hand, esp here in America where the obesity rate is through the roof, that people are pumping more and more SHIT into our food and it is killing us.

    Ok I will stop now. Just loved this post :)

  14. great post! i could just say ditto to raven cause dang - homegirl summed it up nicely!

    i switched solely for caloric reasons - i mean 35 calories vs. 90 (and the 90 was for fat free! i can't even imagine whole) but it is So much better for you too!

  15. I don't drink milk, and I only buy it to use in recipes, but I'll need to be more vigilant about hormones. Did you know that humans are the only animals to drink milk as adults?

    I gave up meat for a while after watching Food, Inc, but it's really hard. Most restaurants (at least in PA) aren't vegetarian-friendly, and it made it super hard that my husband will not give up meat. I'll admit, sometimes I ignore studies because it's just soooo hard to find organic in our small town, but if I'm going to be having babies soon, I'd better take better care, right?

  16. What a great post! So informative, and I'm also very grateful that I've been lactose intolerant since middle school. I drink a lot of coconut milk instead and if I eat yogurt, it's organic. Thank for sharing this! It's really appreciated!

  17. Thanks for sharing this...very interesting. Also, I just noticed on your sidebar that you are reading The BEst of Me. I am also reading it...what do you think?

  18. I have to share this!!! Great post!!

    Jess-PrettyPhysicist: I don't drink milk either. I probably drank 4+ large glasses a day until I was nine and developed a lactose allergy. For cooking I buy a case of Horizon Organic Milk in the juice box size. They have a couple month shelf life, I keep one or two in the fridge at a time.

  19. Good to know! now I know what to look for next time I go grocery shopping. Also, I love the new header!

  20. Very Informative! I should pay more attention since my aunt died of breast ca. And great for you for being so attentive to your boob health!(And discussing it openly) I'm in the medical field and should too with the knowledge/access/family history! And I LOVE your new header!

  21. Thank you for this cmae..thankfully there is one good thing about being lactose intolerant!!

  22. I love, love this post. I have been a vegetarian for a little over a year now and I feel so much better. Not to mention the amount of weight I have lost. But I have also just given up regular milk because of the research that I have done. THank you for this!

  23. i drink almond milk, but have recently read (on Fab Fit Fun) that coconut milk actually has the least amount of calories. something to think about...


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