24 October 2011

Sweet Home Alabama 2

Ok. How many of y'all watched Sweet Home Alabama 2

Bachelor of choice Mister Tribble Reese.

Oh my lord. 

Did I mention that Tribble friended me on Twitter? And he even responds to tweets! He earns cool points in my book for that!

You don't see these type of drop dead beauties on ABC's the Bachelor, I can tell you this much! 

He has his work cut out for him!

Here are my picks for Tribble:

I don't know if she'll win, by far she is the prettiest girl since she's a model
Alexandra Agro

Paige Duke
I think some of these pictures don't do these ladies justice, but I think Paige is a knock out brunette! She sends a good message (She was stripped of her beauty queen title bec some photos that she took when she was 18 were leaked out by her then boyfriend)

I love this girl. Courtney Wilkerson. I think she is the most NOT overly, but genuinely naturally PRETTY. 

And I LOVE Tristan Smith. Hands down the best southern belle on the show. What a cutie. 

I know this post was primarily based on looks, but their personalities haven't really been shown to much from the first episode!! 

Who do you think he'll end up with?

For those of you that never watched Sweet Home Alabama, it airs on Thursday nights on CMT (Country music channel) 



  1. How have I never seen this show? What days and what channel and time??

  2. I actually really want to start watching this show... and now that it has your stamp of approval I think I will : )

  3. I haven't watch this, but one of the girls, Tara Bowlin, and I went to school together. She's a doll and she's super sweet. I wonder what Tribble thinks of her.. hmmmmm!

  4. I just watched it recoreded last night! Tribble is SUCH a cutie! My pics are similar- I love Tristan Smith!

  5. I haven't seen this show, but now I think you've convinced me to watch! And I LOVE that he responds to your tweets...so cute!

  6. I still think it's hilarious that he is on this show! I cannot take him seriously because he is such a womanizer in real life! Just the other day, it came up on my Facebook news feeds that he "liked" about five of my (pretty) friend's profile pictures. Too funny!

    ...and just for giggles, see if this works:


  7. Tribble! <3

    And did you get your iphone yet??? I haven't seen any tweets about it!

  8. I am TOTALLY watching but can't remember my favs names. One gal he complemented on her smile and has gorgeous teeth, pretty blonde. Love the tall stunning model, me oh my, she's lovely!

  9. SO fun! This makes me want to watch the show!

  10. I now have a new show I have to watch! He is adorable!

  11. he and I knew each other in college. i thought he was precious, but like in a kid brother way. i think paige was in college with all of us, too...maybe a little younger though?

  12. I think Tristan or Paige will be his girl


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