31 October 2011

Halloween Student Art

Happy Halloweenie Bloggers! 

Here's the last of my halloween art that my students have been finishing up! Enjoy!

 3rd Grade made Witch legs. I LOVE teaching this lesson. We use just about everything to create these! From Lace to oil pastels, sharpies, buttons, halloween scrapbook paper etc etc ! 
(And my boy students don't mind making witches legs. )

2nd grade Blended Oil pastel pumpkins. This was the first time I taught this lesson, another fellow blogger/art teacher shared it, and I just had to try it! Kids LOVED it! I personally think the whole torn edge paper totally makes the project so fabulous! 

And how cute is this house?? (she doesn't celebrate Halloween) So this was her version of a fall-ish house! 

Haunted Houses made by my fabulous 4th graders! 



  1. I love these!!! This makes me miss art class, lol

  2. Posts like these make me miss teaching-- so cute and fun!

  3. You really do so many great projects! Always loving seeing them!

    Happy Halloween!

  4. So cute!!!!! I wish I taught art instead of English sometimes!!!! Those are awesome!!!!

  5. Oh, I used to love Halloween art projects! Those witch legs are great!

  6. These are so cute! There's something so special about kid's artwork. It always makes me smile!

  7. i seriously think kidds are more artisti these days. i KNOW i was not that talented as a munchkin!

  8. i LOVE the blended oil pastel pumpkins!

  9. Cute stuff! I enjoy your students art posts! I get a lot of my nieces art projects, so I know they are proud of their work!

  10. I love the witch legs and haunted houses!!! So cute!


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