19 October 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

So I've mentioned a time or two on here that my mom passed away when I was only 13 of breast cancer. The year was 1995. She was only 39. THIRTY NINE

There has been a lot tweeting and trending on Breast Cancer since 
Giuliana Depandi Rancic 

let the world know she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 

Although what is happening to Giuliana is bad, I feel relief because well, she is a celeb. And with her stardom, she is able to aware and create national awareness to those of us who think "nothing bad can happen to me" world. Yes, YOU reader who's reading this! You are NOT invisible! 

Here are some other women I admire, for sharing their stories and awareness tied in with their fame.

Kylie Minogue 

– famed international pop star and celeb Kylie Minogue OBE is another breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. Hot shot Kylie underwent surgery and then chemotherapy to fight the breast cancer and has since made a full recovery. She likened the episode to being hit by a nuclear bomb.

Carly Simon

 – Famed singer and celebrity Carly Simon has battled with breast cancer. Following a mastectomy in 1997 she has made a full recovery.

Nancy Reagan – 

Husband of former US president Ronald Reagan, Nancy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987. The diagnosis followed a routine breast screening using a mammogram and highlights the effectiveness of this diagnostic tool. Following a mastectomy in which her left breast was removed she survived the breast cancer. National coverage of this event led many women across the US to have mammograms.

Sheryl Crow

 – singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and has since survived this disease.

Suzanne Somers 

– Suzanne Somers interview with Larry King Live raised awareness of breast cancer when she announced that she was diagnosed and had been battling with this disease since 2001. Suzanne Somers is a famed actress, author and businesswoman.

Kate Jackson – 

Actress and personality, Kate Jackson, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987. Kate played one of the Charlie's Angels in this hit 1970s TV series.

Melissa Etheridge –

 Musician Melissa Etheridge was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2004 and has survived this disease. Melissa emphasized the role nutrition has on healing the body and how eating healthily can improve prognosis. Melissa's website includes a dedicated breast cancer awareness page.

Betty Ford 

– Betty Ford, former first lady, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1974. Betty Ford had a mastectomy to treat this disease. Betty was one of the first famed women to discuss this type of surgery and place it firmly in the public eye. Ford made a full recovery surviving breast cancer and continues to live a full life. Betty Ford is now in her 90's.

Edie Falco –

 Sopranos actress Edie Falco was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. Only after receiving treatment did she announce that she had been quietly battling with breast cancer for some time.

Christina Applegate

The star of NBC’s Up All Night was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 at the age of 38. After discovering that she carried the BRCA gene, she decided to get a double masectomy to prevent relapse. She has since shared her story publicly on Oprah and founded her own charity, Right Action for Women (RAW), which helps women receive proper screening for prevention.

Shirley Temple Black

Diagnosed in 1972, the former child star has been reported to be the first celebrity to go public with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Olivia Newton-John

The singer and actress has been a champion for early breast cancer detection awareness since her 1992 diagnosis.
She has become a dedicated advocate and product spokesperson (she's especially involved in the Liv-Kit, a breast self-examination product), as well as a general advocate for holistic health and partial owner of Australia's Gaia Retreat and Spa.

Wanda Sykes

During an episode of the Ellen Degeneres Show, the comedian opened up about her battle with the disease and shared that she elected to have a mastectomy.
Cynthia Nixon

The Sex and the City star was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, but didn't go public with her battle until 2008, when she told her story on Good Morning America. She's since become a breast cancer awareness advocate and Ambassador for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Jacyln Smith

Diagnosed with the disease in 2002, the Charlie's Angels star has this advice for anyone facing breast cancer: Don’t go it alone. “I believe in the power of girlfriends,” Smith told Prevention magazine. “I believe that family and friends, and especially other women, can make a profound difference during cancer treatment.”

There are SOO many more to add to this list. If you don't know who some of these famous people are, GOOGLE them. Learn. Educate yourself. 
                               The other thing I love about Fall FOOTBALL 

is how many of the football teams wear PINK durning their games. 

I am actually headed to the Gyno today, well it will be yesterday by the time this posts. Last year I was suppose to get my first mammogram, but to be completely honest, I CHICKENED OUT. I had it in my mind, dude, I'm only 28 I'm young it can wait. Well now I'm 29. And my mother died of it. It's time C Mae. Grow some balls (not really) but you know what I mean. And get in to get checked out. You are never Too young to be safe rather than sorry. NEVER. 
Mom. RIP 12-7-95Can't believe how dated this photo looks. I wanna live way beyond 39 so my mom can see me SURVIVE her. 




  1. Good for you for being proactive, even though it scares you! My grandmother is is remission from breast cancer for the 2nd time, and I lost 2 grandparents to other forms of cancer and my older brother is in remission from yet another kind of cancer. My biggest hope for the world is that we can destroy cancer. If not, then I hope that we can increase detection so that it is no longer a fatal disease. (One celeb you missed from your list is Fran Drescher, who wrote a book about her battle "Cancer Schmancer")

    RIP C Mae's mommy, my Nana, and my Grampop.

  2. Thank you so much for this comment! I appreciate you spending the time to put this all together! so sorry to hear about your mother! Love this post! Have a great day!

  3. Aww Cmae this was such a wonderful sweet post! I'm sorry that you mom passed away from breast cancer! It is so important to raise awareness about it! I think that I will get mammograms before 40 when you are supposed to because it does happen earlier than that! Seriously this was an amazing post! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  4. such a touching post. thanks for sharing. and i had no idea 1/2 of those celebs have had breast cancer.

  5. You are absolutely right girl, it is time to get checked out. It can never be too early to be safe.

    My mom had breast cancer and she is now a proud survivor, she was diagnosed 5 years ago and is living life.

    Be safe girl, be safe.

  6. Really enjoyed this post. Please let me know how your mammogram goes. I know it's nerveracking but like you said it's never too early. I will be thinking of ya!

  7. Great post, girl! It's true ...you never think it's going to happen to you until it actually does. Now that I work at a hospital, I'm constantly surrounded by terrible stories. It's so awful when such wonderful people are affected by scary diseases.

  8. Such a great post CMae! So sorry your mom passed away from breast cancer! Kuddos for trying to raise awareness! Blogging is def is a great way to influence girls to get it done!

  9. What a great post. You are so right about getting checked out. Some of those celebs, I didn't even know had breast cancer. It's definitely true, it can happen to anyone.

    I'm sorry to hear about your mom. :-(

  10. thank you for this cmae;
    it was very inspiring and you are so right..people think it wont happen to them..that it cant happen to them..that its not in their family so they dont have to worry about it..but people do need to realize its never toooo early to be safe.
    thank you again cmae;
    and i am proud of you for going this year..and good luck sweetie!

  11. You can do it! I am so sorry for your loss, but so proud that you are getting yourself checked out.

    What an inspiration!

    megs {at} Shine On

  12. what a great post. very inspirational and something that should be talked about more.

    i have survivors [thankfully!] surrounding me and i never take it for granted.


  13. Great post! It's so important to get the word out there. Your mom was beautiful!

  14. ost of the women in my family have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer! I check my breast reguarly and am a HUGE supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness. I love your proactiveness.

  15. WHAT a sweetheart you are! I am ashamed to admit, I didn't realize that half of those celebs had battled breast cancer. Kudos to you for increasing awareness on your blog! I too LOVE that football teams are increasing awareness with their uniforms. I went to NC State, and our AD, Kay Yow fought breast cancer for 22 years, and passed away two years ago. Her sister, Debbie Yow, is the new AD, which I think is so cool. Our football team got a whole new set of uniforms this year for BC awareness (black with pink) ... our normal colors are red and white. Great post!

  16. I didn't realize that so many of the ladies that you posted had been diagnosed with breast cancer. So sad. Good for you for not being a chicken this time! I'm sure it went fine! Have a good day!

  17. This is such a beautiful and touching post. Thank you for sharing this. Breast cancer has affected the lives of so many people and you are absolutely right when you say that so many people today think nothing bad will happen to them.

  18. Hello There CMae!

    Sorry to hear about your mother. I also lost my mom to breast cancer. It will be 12 years tommorrow. She was only 42. I have yet to have a mammogram and I turned 31 this year. Just a lil bit of a chicken. Prior to your post, I did not realize how many celebrities had been diagnosed with breast cancer. This coming Sunday I will be participating in my area's Race for the Cure and have raised $1325 so far! This was a great post!


  19. Great post! I'm so glad this is something everyone is talking about!

  20. My mom and grandma were both diagnosed with breast cancer at younger ages...it's good that you're going to get a mammogram. I'm almost 27 and the Doc said by age 30 I need to be getting them done every year. I'm proud of you for being so proactive.

  21. CMae-

    What a touching, heart felt post. I had no idea your mom passed away at such a young age due to breast cancer.

    I am so glad you posted this. I didn't know either that some of the celebrities you wrote about had breast cancer either.

    I am proud of you for going to the doctor yesterday and checking things out. Like you said, early detection is key.

    One of my very good friend's mother is battling breast cancer right now. She has caught it early and we are praying for a full recovery.

    Your mom is looking down on you so proudly from above.

    Thank you for posting this.

  22. I am so sorry to hear about your mother! My mother is a BC survivor and I am terrified that I am going to be diagnosed with it as well but I am gonna be proactive and get tested as soon as my drs tell me to!

  23. My heart broke for Giuliana when I heard her news :( This is such an amazing post- thanks for sharing!

  24. What a wonderful post! I have always loved seeing Giuliana Rancic on TV and was shocked but at the same time someone relieved when I found out that she was in the early stages of breast cancer. I think that this is such a great way to bring awareness, especially to the young women that she is able to reach on TV, etc.

    thanks for sharing!


  25. i lost my mom to cancer when i was 15, just two years after you. my mom was 37. i often think it's quite possible i'll die young like she did so i try to accomplish as much as i can TODAY. if i only have a few years left, what do i want to do? that's what i ask myself every day. xoxo

  26. What a great post to bring awareness! I had no idea how many celebrities have had breast cancer. Yes- definitely be strong and you get that mammogram girlfriend!


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