21 October 2011

Mammogram 411

I am!

Errr.. I mean, my boobs are! 

Yesterday I had my first mammogram. 

I'm 29.

In case you missed my last post, I had to have one this young, because when someone in your immediately family dies of it, it becomes a requirement (doc's orders)

I won't sugar coat anything since I'm pretty sure the majority of you bloggers are younger than me, and have yet to experience what I got to go through yesterday. 

I will say this. I was mortified, embarrassed, shy, but only AT FIRST. I couldn't believe how much the woman RN pretty much "man handles" my boobs. (One at a time of course)

I kept telling myself to relax, that this was their job. That they probably see so many boobs in one day, they couldn't keep em all straight. 

I will be open and honest and say I was really crushed when they wouldn't let Mister Wonderful in the room with me even though he brought his RN badge and all. I mean I was terrified. 

I kept thinking to myself, what if they find something? Would this mark the beginning of the end for me? 

I  had a fraidy-cat mentality...

But that was the thing...it was just MENTAL. 

Sure, it sucked that some stranger nurse lady touched/squeezed/handled my ta tas. I just told my self is this worse than the gyno? 

NO way. I think the gyno is worse. I mean what's the most guarded part on a woman's body that is super private? I'd say the Va-jay-jay wouldn't you!?!

Boobs are nothin! 

The highlight of my day had to of been when the nurse announced to me,
"Good news! You have breast tissue of a 13 yr old!"

My first immediate thought: 

(Should I respond happy or mad she said that?!)


"That's great! Mean's your boobs haven't changed at all." She did then explain to me that this wouldn't be forever. In fact, she said once you have your first child, that's usually when they first change. If you never have children, then they will change with aging as we get much older.

Ah so she wasn't making a comment or reference to the fact that I am not a large chested girl...

I was given my results right then and there on the spot. 

And just for the record, I LOVE not having boobs that are big. I take great pride that I can wear XS T-Shirts and bathing suit tops. I Take great pride that when I am talking to a guy, that they are looking AT MY FACE and not staring at my chest. Whew!

So girls, there you have it. Get em checked. Better safe than sorry. 

I've got to go now, once a year and have this done since my mom died of Breast Cancer.

No biggie. I had my big girl panties on. You can do it too!  

And just to make you smile! 



  1. Glad your test came back all clear!!!

  2. I have a family history of breast cancer too, so I have had a mamogram as well. Awful, just awful, but congrats on the 13 yr old boobs! (kidding..was she for real???!) More importantly though, whew, thank goodness everything was ok. The things women have to go through...:)

  3. Glad to hear that everything went well. I can't believe that they didn't let your mister in! I would have thought that they would at least allow you to have someone for moral support, but luckily everything went well!


  4. So happy that you have "young" and healthy boobs! And, congrats to you on putting on your big girl panties and doing something to make sure you are safe and healthy! Thanks for sharing this!
    Jenn@ Going the Distance

  5. Hoooooooooooray for boobies like a 13 year old!!!! ;)! I'm like you, small hooha's all the way ;)!

    On a serious note, thank you for sharing your story with everyone. I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. You are truly an inspiration to everyone!


  6. I am only 24 and I have two mammograms already due to very dense boobs and lots of lovely fibrous tumors. no fun, but so necessary. my grandmother had breast cancer and a right mastectomy when i was little and my mom has always been very vigilant of both my sister and me (along with herself). glad everything was okay your way!

  7. I would LOVE 13 year old boobs... Mine def changed after I had my first child, I still like them and all but they are not as dense. And so jealous of your small chest. I thought I'd be done at a B, crept up to a C and after a baby I'm at D-status. They're not as fun as people think, finding bras for a 32D is a NIGHTMARE. I covet the VS Pink bras that don't come in my size.

    So glad everything check out A-OK! I think every visit will be a bit nerve-wrecking, but afterwards you'll feel so much relief. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, but I'm sure she was and is very proud to have such a strong daughter :)

  8. glad you've got teeny bopper boobies!! so happy you're healthy my sweet.

  9. Thanks for sharing this!! I've always wondered what it's going to be like when I go, and I'm sure the first time is the worst since you don't know what to expect. Why wouldn't they let Mr. Wonderful sit in on the procedure though?

  10. I so totally agree with you I had to get one last month and I am only 32! I was a total mess and the Tech that did mine was a total chatty cathy! I am glad your results came back okay!

  11. Glad you made it thru ok and were so brave! And that's great that they give you the results right away instead of making your wait!

  12. I'm 29 too, but my doc hasnt said anything about this to me yet so I guess I should wait until they do? I'm glad to hear you are A-ok!

  13. Thanks for being brave and sharing your experience!

    I also have family history (mom passed away because of it) so I have to do this too. Had my first one last year at age 24. So young! It was uncomfortable walking in but the whole process was a piece of cake.

    Agree that the annual exam is SO much worse.

    No sweat.

  14. Glad you are in the clear!!! Sorry to hear about your mom, I am sure that added to the stress of the test... but you are being very proactive with your health! Thank God medicine has come as far as it is today!! Here is for praying they find a cure!

  15. SO proud and happy for you!!!

  16. Excellent! Glad you have good boobs! I also don't like that I have big boobs. I think they are normal size, but then again, what is normal? Glad your results are free and clear! Question, does a grandmother count as immediate family?

  17. I'm glad everything went well!! And i totally agree with you about taking pride in having a small chest. I love it! No back pains, no creepy men starring at them, and perfect size for bikini tops and tops in general :)

  18. I'm dreading the day I have to go in for one. But, so happy that everything went well for you!

  19. I'm glad to hear everything turned out alright. Although it certainly doesn't sounds like a fun process, you now know that you're perfectly healthy.

  20. um, so...what do you think of me with the fake boobies?

    hahaha juuuuust kidding. I know you still love me.

    but I think it is great that you got a mammogram at 29. I honestly believe more women should get that done earlier than 40 years old. without a doubt.

    so glad to hear your boobs are "just like a 13 year olds"


  21. So glad you made it through all of this! I am the same way - no boobies, but I am okay with it!


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