27 October 2011

Link up: Eff Marry Kill


Basically, you choose 3 celebrities and the other person has to choose who'd they'd like to *ahem* make babies with, who they'd like to wed, and who could disappear.  I don't like to say I'd kill them.  That's a little violent for me.  And we always give our reasons.

Anyhow, I REALLY wanted to pick 3 guys that people wouldn't normally pick (Makes it more fun) Link ups get boring if they all pick Justin Bieber or Brad Pitt types ya know? 

So without further Adieu... 

My three picks are:

TV News/Entertainment Style

Joel McHale
Talk Soup Host 

Ryan Seacrest
(American Idol Host)  

AJ Hammer

A.J. Hammer is the host of HLN's evening show,Showbiz Tonight. He is based in CNN's New York bureau. Hammer also serves as an entertainment correspondent for CNN, hosting the network's daily entertainment reports. 
I knew him from his days as a host on VH1 ! ! 

Which ones would you EFF MARRY KILL?

Who would I pick!?

I'd pick AJ Hammer to marry. Um hello, he's perfect.

Make disappear: Ryan Seacrest. He's super full of himself and annoying. Not to mention for the longest time I seriously thought he was well you know...batting for the other team? Not that that's a reason to kill him  lol I just think he's "confused" 

Eff: Joel. Reason? Gotta start somewhere to get to your mister right, Right? haha I wouldn't want to make babies with him persay, more like practice till you meet the real deal .::cough::. ..::cough::.. AJ Hammer. 

(Mister Wonderful if you read this, remember this was just a totally random linkup! you're my one and only!!!) xxoxooxo




  1. Oh my goodness!!! This one is super tough!

    I never knew the name of the Showbiz Tonight host, but I've always found him attractive!

    I agree with you on the get rid of Ryan Seacrest thing. He does get on my nerves.

    I think I would marry Joel McHale simply because I love to laugh and I think that would be a marriage full of laughter.

    I will eff AJ Hammer because, well, look at his last name. :)

    Thank you for playing along! I was really looking forward to your choices!!!!!!!

  2. Good choices...!
    totally with yah on killing Seacrest... no doubt there!

  3. I would pick the same, even though I'm not sure who that last guy is. lol. He just looks nice to marry. ;-)

  4. I'm with Michelle! I love Joel. Totally would marry him. And I have no problem seeing Ryan go away. Awesome picks!

  5. I would Eff Ryan Seacrest just to see if he is all that he is cracked up to be. Marry AJ Hammer...yummy! And make Joel McHale go away he is annoying! Great picks!

  6. Definitely marry A.J. Hammer. He's a hotty.

    Eff: Probably Joel because he's funny and even though he's not cute, he's probably good in bed. If not, he can make good jokes about it.

    Kill: Ryan Seacrest.

    Great picks!

  7. Joel McHale is super super cute! :)
    Definitely have been thinking this for years! For some reason I thought the men were in order of who you would want to eff, marry and kill...So I understood if you married Seacrest for his $$$!


  8. k I didn't read your choices before I wrote this because I didn't want to be swayed... so here goes:

    no more: Ryan Seacrest

    evening alone with: A.J.

    marry: Joel Mchale

    Joel actually seems like he is a happy family man, Ryan is too all over the place, and I know nothing about A.J. except that I like how he looks : )

  9. Oh my word! This is an awesome series! Totally linking up next week! :) Have a good day!

  10. Love this one! I would make babies with Ryan Seacrest, even though I wonder which way he swings! I would marry AJ Hammer because is is just gorgeous! I would off Joel McHale because he is kind of annoying!


  11. i love it! and i completely agree with your choices. Ryan Seacrest drives me nuts! Something about him and I thought he was as you say "batting for the other team" too for the longest time.. still kinda do!

  12. Hmm, I would:

    eff: ryan seacrest, despite his lack of height
    marry: aj, because he's easy on the eyes
    kill: joel, because he's not my cup of tea

    this one was a toughy!

  13. hmmmm. well the make disappear one is an easy choice for me: def ryan seacrest. i literally can't stand him, slightly too into himself for my taste. the other two i had to think about but i've decided id eff aj hammer bc he looks yummy, but id marry joel mchale. Seriously, the guy cracks me up and i'd love to spend my life with someone who could make me laugh :)

    good choices!

  14. Oof, I only know who Ryan Seacrest is! and I wouldnt eff him or marry him!

  15. I cant chose between who to Eff or Marry, but I'd totally kill Ryan Seacrest. He just annoys me!!

  16. agreed! dont really know aj, but i would definitely kill ryan and wouldnt marry joel. and aj looks pretty yummy. :)

  17. this is tough, on mine i chose to eff ryan but with these other two i would have to kill him. And then Marry Joel and Eff that other guy

  18. you are too funny my friend!!

    ok my picks would be:

    eff: justin timberlake (DUH!)

    marry: david beckham (bad boy turned hot dad who dotes on his kids all the time)

    kill: charlie sheen--just gross

  19. I would have to agree with all of your pics on this one.

  20. Tough one! I'd say Joe, AJ, Seacrest.

  21. LOVE this game. my friends and i play it all the time. we call it Kill, Bang, Marry. :) i'll definitely be linking up.

  22. nice! i would marry joel mchale, is funny and cute. and not too hollywood :)

    ryan seacrest is all over the place and needs to take a break lol

    happy thurs!

  23. Eff- AJ (don't know who he is but he sure is pretty!)

    Marry- Joel McHale

    Kill-Ryan Secrest

  24. That is hard I would want to kill both Joel and Ryan.

  25. I would marry Ryan Seacrest in a heartbeat even if it wasn't a game :)

    Totally would eff the AJ guy and have to get rid of Joel.

  26. Joel McHale to F..... you have to go watch the Anna Faris flick "what's your number" he has an interesting cameo in it that is hilarious...

  27. it only took me about five blogs until i finally got what this is. it's been a long week.

    however i LOVE it! and since my momma reads my blog and would get offended if i posted who i wanted to "eff" i will tell you:

    E - Ryan Reynolds
    M - Bill Rancic
    K - Charlie Sheen (enough's enough!)

  28. hah I think I would have to marry joel! he is so funny!


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