12 October 2011

I'm Loving It Wednesday

What I'm loving this Wednesday...

I am loving...

That on Sunday, Mister Wonderful was able to Pre-order us both the new I Phone 4S (which I heard on the radio today they are calling the 4S For-Steve.)

I am really amped to finally get an I Phone and so happy Sprint jumped on board!
both Mister Wonderful & I picked the white one. 

Now don't get me wrong, I have loved and DO love my HTC EVO. Great great great phone. But I've always been a Mac girl. I've owned 3 I pods, and my Macbook runs like the day I bought it 3 yrs ago! I had apple TV 2 yrs ago too! 

I am loving this case I ordered for this new expensive phone purchase!
Not my initials but you get the idea till mine comes! 
You can visit the Etsy Seller here!

So fellow I Phone users, what Apps do y'all recommend? which ones are Free and which ones cost? 
I'm new to this and would love to know the Must haves. I'm not a gamer...so I'm not into the whole Angry Birds or Words with Friends craze.

I am loving that yesterday on my way home from work I picked up Nicholas Sparks new book!!!

Although I have to finish "The First Husband" which I just started reading last week...rats! Ah well. Something to look forward to! 

I am loving all my Halloweenie art that my students have completed! 

Take a looksie!

6th: Skeletons 
Boy did they wine and complain about this lesson and how "hard" it was to draw the bones realistically. Serves them right. so over all the "symbol" skulls stuff and on to teaching them to draw Realistically!!


  1. Oh I adore that phone case! So freaking cute!

  2. Oh my goodness I absolutely love your blog and blog design it is adorable!! I love the witch art and the phone cover--TOO CUTE!
    Have a fabulous day!

  3. I can't wait for my iPhone to come. Love that case!

  4. i was just saying today that I want to get an iphone! i want to make the switch from droid to iphone sooooo bad!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  5. We are getting iPhones this week too!! I cant wait!

  6. I love the "hair" pictures! Your students are so creative!!

  7. Love the iphone cover! :)

    The artwork is precious!!!! :) Love kiddos! You're a great art teacher!

  8. I love the case too! I've looked at a couple similar ones, but can't bring myself to spend that much on a case.

    Let us know if you like it once you get it! and the phone too! Both are on my wishlist!

  9. Yay for getting the white iPhone! Love the case too!!

    I'm super impressed with your students' artwork. The skeletons are great and I love the witches too! They must have a really good teacher ;)

  10. ok that iphone case is too cute.
    some apps i really enjoy (that are free) are Project 365 and instagram..theyre both great picture apps.

    love all the artwork. you got some talented students.
    i'm a new follower btw :)

  11. Yay for coming to the iPhone world :-) You'll love it!

  12. I am loving that phone case! Unfortunately you can not get anything like that overseas :(

  13. I use Echofon for twitter, TMZ, Eonline, Groupon, Redlaser, Instagram, Tango, and Shazam are my favorites!

  14. Welcome to the Iphone workd dahhhling :)I am going to buy the
    4G myself on Friday!! Just an upgrade from the 3 that I have now!! Cannot wait!! And I just saw the sweeet picture of Aspen conked out in the blinds!!! hahaha LOVE HER HEART!!! xoxo

  15. I got the white one too!! WOOHOO! I'm making a list of apps that I want to download now because of all the recommendations I've received so far. :)

  16. love the children's art! they are so creative! and love that they are calling the new iPhone 4S (for steve). those apple people are so creative! happy wednesday!

  17. Cute case!!! That's awesome that Sprint got the Iphone! I have T-Mobile...which will probably never get the Iphone! lol.

    LOVE the kiddies art!

  18. love that case! and how cute are their drawings =]

  19. the phone case is cute!! and i am LOVING the drawings :-)


  20. You are awesome for reminding me that the new Nicholas Sparks' book is out.

    In terms of apps I love: Siri (although I think it'll automatically come with that), Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, 4Square, Pinterest, Camera+, Pandora, C25K (exercise), Starbucks, Yelp, redbox, and imdb. Love!

  21. Loving this post, as also looking forward to the new IPhone an that case is perfect!
    An so glad to hear Nicholas Sparks has a new book out-love them!

    Abigail x

  22. I want an iphone so bad! I'm a mac girl too! Unfortunately my phone company doesn't carry it so I will have to wait a bit! I love your case!

    How are you liking The First Husband? I have to check out Nicholas Sparks new book!

  23. You're gonna love your iphone! That case is too cute!

  24. I can't WAIT to get an iphone!! But i'm definitely waiting till the 5 comes out. I love the case btw, so cute!

  25. Love all the art work. Some of my favorite apps are.....
    P Tracker-tracks your period and all the the fun stuff that goes with it.

    Stitcher- if you enjoy listening to Podcasts.

    Pandora- make your own music stations.

    Jango- another music one.

    Lose It!- calorie/food/fitness tracker

    I use these pretty much every day and they are all free.

  26. I so want the new iphone in white too. I love your case.

    I also can't wait to get the new Nicholas Sparks book...love his books.

    Apps I would recommend....blogpress is you would ever want to blog from your phone, pinterest, and kindle....love them all.

    Happy Wednesday!

  27. Istagram is a wonderful app. It edits pictures and it is awesome. Then I am a big fan of post secret app. It is a place where people can post there secrets. Sometimes people post nasty pictures, sometimes they are sad, and then sometimes they show you the good in people.

  28. I want an iphone so bad! I'm still debating whether to get the 4s or wait until the 5 comes out. Blackberry is mental today and everyone is having a lot of problems recieving messages and emails. It has frustrated me and made me want to jump on board with the iphone. it's just I heard the 5 is coming out soon too so I don't know what to do!!

  29. Cute case! Is that Marley Lilly? If so, they also have ones that hold your ID and credit card.

    As far as apps go, Shazam is amazing(free). If you hear a song and not sure the name or who sings it, it will find out for you. P Tracker Lite(free or there is a paid version) tracks your period and keeps track of your cycle. Ringtones(free) you can make ringtones from mp3's. It's just a little tricky learning how the first time. Facebook and Twitter(free).

    Hope this helps!

  30. Thanks for playing along girl!

    I love Nicholas Sparks books so I'll definitely have to check out his new one :)


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