25 October 2011

Product Review

So recently I went in to Macys' and explored "Origins' products. 

About a week ago, lovely Megan over at My Two Cents spoke highly of liking this tinted moisturizer by Origins. VitaZing. I have never seen any change from using Jergens facial tinted lotion and thought I would give this a whirl. 

It's perfect for those days when you are not wanting a full face of make up on, because this can act as a base foundation. 

Well when I went in to Macys' I seriously had the sweetest Makeup sales girl helping me out. She asked me about my Exfoliator I was using. I told her, "St' Ives Apricot Scrub". 

Which is  a really good scrub, but never left my face feeling Smooth like a baby's butt. 

She gave me a sample of this exfoliator she wanted me to try so I figured why not. 
Origin's Modern Friction Exfoliator is THE BOMB.

 I ended up making a trip back a week later, to but a full bottle of it. 

Something to know up front about it, you apply it to a DRY face. No water!?! Yep, no water. I RINSE my face AFTER the application. It's really good stuff.

Um, it's a $40.00 dollar exfoliator. 

I must have a thing for expensive face products I tell ya. 

But I wasn't about to feel bad about spending it, since I haven't bought myself any new clothes in months I figured I could let some face care products work their way into my alloted budget for the week! 

Does anyone else use any Origins? 




  1. Thanks for the tips!! How did you like the tinted moisturizer??

  2. I've heard great things about Origins and have been wanting to try it. Everytime we walk by it Billy is like "is that the organic stuff?" haha I may have to try some!!

  3. I have a few origins products and I LOVE them!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE orgins! I do like their modern friction but their "A perfect world for eyes" eye cream is amazing. Ahh, i love it.

  5. I've never used any of thier products! I am intrigued about this amazing exfoliator, so I might go and pay them a visit!

  6. i love when you do reviews! i'm a hair/face/makeup product junkie and you always seem to try things i have my eye on ;)

  7. i want to try this now!
    i love neutrogena acne control grapefruit;
    and apricot scrub
    but maybe this i will try
    love the new blog layout also

  8. sorry I haven't been over to your blog in awhile...and you changed it on me, yet again!!! But I always love the fresh new designs you make. I hope you are doing well and you will be hearing more from me ;)

  9. uuugggh I am OBSESSED with my St Ives apricot scrub. Its like a cult product. I don't think I could ever change but I do love Origins!!

  10. I need some new face products... I must check them out!!


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