29 June 2010

Work in Progress

Well I Finally figured out how to create my header. I must admit I have had a hella time figuring out this font bit. In fact I have asked 5 bloggers on how to just have fancy font as blog titles and NOT A ONE responded for my plea of help! Sad. These people that I asked have cute fun font, and apparently have all the time in the world to continually update their pages, yet answering a question from a fellow blogger in need is apparently to much to ask. :( sad face. So I ask YOU my ten followers, How do I just have fun font as my blog post/titles, and regular font for the descriptions? I cannot figure it out! Everytime I change part of the code it changes the WHOLE THING into the fancy font. Well hopefully someone will read this and be able to help...till then I guess it's back to searching the net for help!



  1. Yeah, I wish I could help you girl. I've been wanting a header and all that fun stuff too, but I'm not too computer-savvy! :(

  2. Awe thanks girl. I think I spent like 3 hours last night just messing with the "codes" and I just got really frustrated. Blogger reminds me a lot of Myspace with all this code stuff.

  3. Wish I could help you but I have no idea!! But I do love your header! You made it yourself?

  4. Love the header... so cute! I can't believe no one would help you!!! I haven't been able to figure out how to change that either... :(

  5. Yeah I found the header from Shabby blogs who ever made that site had a VIDEO tutorial so I knew exactly how to make it. As for the font I'm still lost. argh.


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