23 June 2010

It Must be July!

Well...It's nearing the month of July. Which for the last 3 years has meant one thing and one thing only for this girl. MOVING TIME! I have moved every summer for the last 3 years! Crazy I know, but that's been my life! 

My classroom has been packed up, now it's time to start packin up my bedroom stuff. Not much really to pack considered I have lived in a furnished house for a year, while the rest of my stuff has been in storage.

My new home..............

So dear readers ( all ten of you hehe) Do forgive me if I don't blog for a few weeks till I am settled and have the internet up and running!

1 comment:

  1. I love moving! But I hate it all at the same time. See ya when you get settled into your new place. :)
    P.S. Go check out my blog - I gave you an award!


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