15 June 2010

Copyright what?

I have stumbled upon MANY blogs that have all these WARNINGS about my page is copyrighted blah blah stuff on it. QUESTION....
How can you copyright an image that isn't even really yours? For instance, when you google lets say in an image from last night's recap of the Bachelorette...
I'm pretty sure that image that you just searched on google ISN'T YOURS! Were you there last night working for ABC that you indeed actually photographed Ali and her men? I don't think so! So how can that picture that YOU DIDN'T take belong to you?  See my point? Okay anything WRITTEN by you like a journal entry does belong to you. I totally get that. Personal photos that you are in, I get that. But googled pictures? Come on! Not buying it. Quite frankly I find people that try to get pissed for copyrights quite TRITE and sad. It's the internet people. All ideas orginate from here these days. No one is 100% truly original! It's a blog. Isn't the point to be open and sharing of ideas? I think most agree Uh yeah!

Anyway, so back to the Bachelorette...

Ali sends home Jesse (don't know why that one was a surprise) and finally the dorky weather guy. I felt like last night's episode was kinda dull and the highlight was at the end clips where they show the guys all laughing at Justin aka wrestler who was fake fighting with Jonathan aka weatherman as if they were in a WWF match. Hilarious.

And the guy that barely gets any screen time the one I think is decent is chris n! I say good for him! He just isn't apart of all the drama the other guys bring!

And please note :) dear readers as it states on the side of my blog, unless noted, all images that don't list where they came from are usually just a GOOGLE search :)


  1. so happy you write about ali and the boys! so happy the weather man went home! what a waste of space some of these boys are!

  2. Came across your blog and had to say hi! Super cute! Oh and LOVE the bachelorette :)

  3. Stumbled on your blog... lovely! :) I completely agree about the copyright thing! Calm down people!!

  4. Amen, sister! I'm with you on the ridiculousness copyriting on a blog. That is a great idea about putting a little disclaimer on the side about how everything comes from Google. I might try that, unless of course, you've copied the idea! ;o)


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