26 June 2010

Remake remake remake...

I have to bust some chops. LOL
I feel like the movie industry has run out of ideas, and the only idea in their head is to waste money and remake the classics. The Karate Kid for example. Are you for real? You can't out do the only thing that Ralph Macchio was ever famous for! Not to mention that it's a classic of the 80s. Something you just don't touch! In fact I am making fun of anyone that is lame enough to waste money to see Will Smith's remake. So disappointing.

What's next remaking Top Gun? It just can't be done!

As for music, I will admit I LOVE the song Alejandro by Lady Gaga. Before anyone even gave i a thought I was jamming to it in my car. Her video was such a disappointment. I know she's weird, but all I saw when watching her video was Madonna's video Like a prayer.  Why can't they come up with their own ideas?!

Here's a throwback to Madonna, whom I think Lady GaGa totally stole all her ideas from!

And my other music copier......I love Ciara's Ride.  Pretty sweet song. Don't like so much that the whole dance sequence in her video all i saw was Janet Jackson's Pleasure Principle video. See for yourself!

Ciara "Ride"


Maybe I'm reaching with the simlarities. Maybe I'm not. You be the judge. All I know is, these two legendary 80s singers had the idea first, and if your smart, you don't copy the original because that's all people will say, that it's been done before! 

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