06 June 2010

Film Cameras

So I got an amazon gift card for my birthday so I could finally empty some of the things that had just been sitting in my shopping cart over the last year.  Much to my dismay, the prices of things that I had saved for later SHOT way up!!!!!!!!  Example:  Polaroid Film!  First of all, Polaroid discontinued instant film so finding a single pack of film (which is 10 exposures) is like non existent! They only sell in bulk and they over a hundred dollars! holy schnikes! Scratch that.  So as I am searching around, I see that Fuji has released a polaroid type camera with instant film.  I decided since Polaroid won't let me use my camera anymore without spending a fortune on film, that maybe I could give this a shot.
This is what I ordered. I am super excited that instant film hasn't gone completely extinct!  

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