30 June 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

So this morning's blog is coming from http://muchlove-anna.blogspot.com/ who asked what was a favorite childhood toy?  I had more than one, but at certain ages I definitely played with certain toys more than others. I L O V E D dolls. I was such a doll girl. Anything with hair and clothes I was set. One of our first family photos of my mom my dad and I, depicts me holding my favorite strawberry shortcake doll! I would scan it, but since I am moving tomorrow, all my photos are packed up!

From age 3-7 I played a lot with these

Then from the ages 8-10 I really was into the American Girl Doll series. Now when these first were released, there were only 3 dolls! Kirsten, Samantha, & Molly. They had the dolls tied with stories about their lives during specific time periods in the United States. Molly's time was during World War II. Now there are so many dolls I don't even know them all.  I think the company lost their value when they came up with the concept of kids being able to create their own doll.

Thankfully my Grandma is storing Molly for me in her basement, till one day when I have a HOUSE of my own, I can store her safely and maybe one day give her to a child of mine.

Any favorites of yours?


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  1. I loved baby dolls! I could seriously play with my babies for hours. I also had an American Girl doll (Addy), one of the American Girl does that you could get made to look like you and an American Girl baby doll that I think was called an Itsy Bitsy Baby. Sometimes I think I would still play with dolls if I could get away with it...haha!


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