09 June 2010

Packing up

Today was day 2 for me and spending hours in my classroom packing everything up.  I am exhausted!  I have come to realize that I have more CLASSROOM belongings than I do personal items at my house! I have spent 5 wonderful years at a BRAND new elementary school.  My new art room is not anywhere near what I am leaving, but I am taking MUCH with me seeing how we had nothing at our new school, I purchased just about everything from wiggly eyes, to a glue guns, sharpies, you name it.  It's no wonder why I never had any money!  As many have said, that's the thing about me, and doing what I love. I don't think twice when it comes to fostering my student's love of art. I want them to have the best so I do what I have to do to provide it!

18 boxes and counting......

I will miss my old school VERY much, but am looking forward to being in Phoenix and with my special someone ;-) Also the fact that I will for once move up the pay school, as my district for the last 5 years has paid me the same salary since I started since they have NO money!

Change is a good thing!

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  1. Packing up an art room is no easy task! I've moved several times within my district and know the feeling. It's great you'll have a new opportunity and better pay:)


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