24 June 2010

Feeling Sickly.......how come I'm not gettin well quickly!?

Gurgle. Followed by more gurgles...::::it's 3 am:::...
I'm lying in bed feeling like my bladder is going to explode.
and I got sick. From BOTH ends if ya know what I mean. I haven't vomited in over 5 years. Throwing up makes me sick (no pun intended) No literally. I cry more and harder over the fact that I have to hug the toilet than anything. The smell of vomit, seeing it, caught in my hair, my teeth. I seriously don't know how bulimic girls do that to their bodies. NO JOKE. I felt such pain from the upheaval that I just can't even fathom why any girl/or bulimic guy thinks that that feeling of pain is okay! Clearly food is meant to go down and STAY DOWN not do a reversal!

I somehow weighed myself twice today, and found I lost 4 pounds in the last 48 hours. Disgusting. I feel so weak. I just want to get better! So as I sit here and whine about feeling like poop, I'll change subjects.

So there is going to be another Bachelor/Bachelorette show starting!

And TENLEY my fave is back on it! Woo hoo! Not to mention crazy Michelle from Jake's season as well as weatherman and the crazy lawyer with the long hair. bahahahahaha.
Can't wait.

I am currently watching E! and HOLLYWORLD is on. I like her so much more on her own show than I did on the girls next door. She really does work hard that girl is insanely busy! 


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  1. I love love Holly too! I even cried when watching her show sunday night! Haha ridic I know. I am happy she is back in our lives lol


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