26 December 2012

Oceanside, CA Name This House!

I logged onto facebook the other day and a friend of mine tagged themselves here.

Anyone recognize this famous house?

My friend took this photo

I'll give you a hint


The Graves house on the corner of Pacific Street & Seagaze Drive is named for Dr. Henry Graves who built it in 1887. It’s one of the oldest houses in Oceanside. Today, the house commonly known as the “Top Gun” house, because it appeared in the 1986 blockbuster movie “Top Gun” as the home of character “Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Blackwood’s” (Kelley McGillis).

Check out the house back in 1887

According to my friend, the person who owns it is building condos all around it which makes me sad, yet they leave the house up and do nothing to it. I Mean some one should come in and restore the famous house! (Just in my opinion!) 

It's always intriguing to me to see just from 1986 to now how much the area has "changed". 

At least the people who own the original Home alone house in chicago didn't let it look like this, or the people that own the original Father of The Bride house, even the people who own the house used in "The Chistmas Story" took the time to restore the house. 

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  1. How fun! I love old houses, and touring historic homes!

    Happy Holidays,



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