08 December 2012

Debacle: X Mas Theft

Last night I came home from working job #2, and the hubs tells me that our neighbor on our right came over to give us a package that had been delivered that day, that he had been holding on to for us. The kicker of the story is, our nice neighbor was holding it for us, because he was outside doing yard work, when he had over heard the "other" neighbors on our left side, conversing about stealing our package off our porch! 

Apparently it was 2 teen boys, and one was like saying, "naw man just leave it" while the other one was ready to snatch it! 

The hubs was in and out throughout the day, and didn't use the front door to know we had a package there. I am thankful I had a nice enough neighbor to intervene, yet at the same time I am stuck in the predicament of what to do. 

Do we confront the neighbors who's son(s) were thinking of stealing it?

Note, this so called neighbor has I guess supposedly not had a good rep in the neighborhood. Prior to us moving in our home, I guess their son went to jail ( I didn't ask what for) 

Husband doesn't want to confront the neighbors, afraid it will cause drama, plus he says we can't prove anything since nothing did technically happen (due to our neighbor intervening.)

Would you confront a neighbor that is already disliked and has a bad rep?



  1. Yikes! Sometimes the season can bring out the ugly in people. I hope you find an answer soon.

  2. eek! that is a tough situation...I am definitely more likely to say something then my guy is...but we live in a not-so great neighborhood in Baltimore City...so typically, unless something major happens we leave it alone...had my car windshield smashed by some kids who lived behind us...but they had a bad rep for retaliating...so I just paid for it and moved my parking spot...

    good luck! and make sure UPS makes you sign for all packages in the future!! :)

  3. that's a tough call. i think considering that you're new to the neighborhood i would maybe just put it in your backpocket for now and keep an eye out for them. i would definitely say something in the future if you have other experiences with them.

  4. Personally I probably wouldn't confront them about it, since nothing actually happened, although I would definitely look at that kid sideways. Hopefully nothing ever DOES happen and the kid either moves on or grows up before anything bad DOES happen.

  5. You can get fake surveillance cameras for like 9 bucks and a sign saying your property is monitored. I had to put them in my barn with my horses because of nosy neighbors and sneaky competition.

  6. I wouldn't say anything because nothing actually happened, and you can't prove that they were even talking about it. And then you'd have that family giving you the stink eye all the time. And I'm always worried about retribution....if the kid(s) find out you told, they may decided to do something worse.

  7. I actually had quite a few packages stolen and so did my neighbors the last place I lived,and nfortunatelyit is quite common! I'm glad youwereable to keep your package safe. I wouldn't confront anyone unless something happened, it could betaken the wrong way especially with he sons reputation.
    Good luck and stay safe!

  8. i probably wouldn't say anything. i would just have my packages delivered to work. that's what i do.

  9. after having some neighbors experience this, we signed up for UPS My Choice. sign up and pick a time when you know you'll be home to receive the package, or pick it up at a ups delivery center.


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