27 December 2012

Book Review/Product Review

I just finished the second novel called Reflected in You by Sylvia Day.

I still have to say, I like the 50 Shades series best! This book and it's characters are just like the 50 shades books, just with different names and such. 

Product Review

I saw this pin on Pinterest, which I even follow the lovely Cara over at Maskcara blog to read more about her sally hansen experience.

I tried this out for X Mas eve, and  I was excited that you could "rub it in" to help control the application of the tanner. 

But that's sadly where my "likes" for this product ends. 

This product rubs off on anything you wear, and I have yet to wash my sheets to see if it comes out or if I now have stained sheets. 


I feel that I get a more tanned result with using Jergens tinted lotion than I did using this stuff.

In my opinion, SKIP IT!

I've even recently tried the famous "Airbrush" tanner, but that makes a HUGE mess when trying to "Spray" it on you, and stains your floor or anything it else it touches. 



  1. I've never tried the airbrush legs myself, but my friend's sister swore by it for her beauty contests.

  2. I've been wanting to try this out, guess it's not worth it! Yikes.

  3. Good to know not to waste my money on this! I have tried Jergen's tanning lotion/spray...it works fairly well! Just have to make sure you put it on evenly! You def don't want streaks!

  4. I haven't done the airbrush legs myself, but my girlfriend does it all the time and it usually ends up rubbing off if she sweats at all - but your leg looks nice (in both pics) hehe! :)

  5. Yikes! I've used that stuff before, but only to cover bruises when I had weddings to go to. It worked pretty well for that, but it wasn't enough to make a mess. I hope your sheets come clean!!


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