16 December 2012

peace in the valley- Sunday Tune

Everyone that "knows" me knows my love for Elvis Presley, and how I've always said, joked, that I'd name a future unborn daughter Presley! :)

Anyway, I thought this song was fitting for this Sunday, especially after this tragic weekend.

Here's Aspen and I our Sunday picture together before I head to church! 

Every time I wear polka dots I can't help but sing the little diddy from Madagascar 2 where Chris Rock is the voice of the Zebra

Ah well rather than try to explain it, here's a video clip. Anyone with kids will get it! :) 



  1. Elvis Presley was my first vinyl, my first cassette, and my first cd! He used to be my "boyfriend" in my 5 year old mind. You and Aspen are so cute, and I totally get the reference ;)

  2. i love the polka dot dresses!! Your dog is so cute!!



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