19 December 2012

Aurora Shooting linked to SandyHook shooting??

I ask you to watch this video and not feel sick to your stomach. What is going on with hollywood movies and these conspiracies!?

This Dark Knight Rises movie is bad news. I refuse to watch it.

What do you all think? 

Input please! 



  1. super weird, but i guess i don't understand how "hollywood" has much to do with it. if that were the case, couldn't every single choice, good or bad, be based on the media?

  2. That is crazy!!! Super scary that "hollywood" has that much control! Even if its not 100% true it makes you wonder!

  3. yeah, I agree with kenli. sheer coincidence, or else people are looking for ways to go along with movies. it's not hollywood's fault there are sooo many mentally ill people in this world.

  4. i personally think the person who made this video has way too much time on his hands. I think people should focus on the reality of situations instead of spending time on conspiracies such as this.

  5. I think this is sheer coincidence and clearly a conspiracy theory. Also, Dark Knight Rises was a really good movie with a good message so I wouldn't refuse to see it just because of a coincidence. I completely agree with eah42 and Kenli.

  6. I read a blog post about a conspiracy theory that was completely ridiculous. The sad part is that there were so many comments that agreed with the writer. I have not seen the video I am trying to stay away from the paranoid thinkers.

  7. I may not trust every decision our government and the media makes, but I cannot even start to think that there are enough sick people in either place that would allow these things to happen. I think this is sheer coincidence, and I think the maker of this video has some trust issues. I am mostly nauseous that someone would try to make these things into a conspiracy! Just mourn the lost and spread love in the world at a time like this!

  8. It's sickening to me that someone would use tragedy like Aurora and Sandy Hook to further his own agenda and get clicks to YouTube. One of the more logical commenters made a great point: that even if Sandy Hook were on the map, it's because maps typically include surrounding states. Talk about talking coincidence in horror and heartbreak and twisting it around.

    How do we blame Hollywood and video games, but still refuse to think about gun control?


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