10 December 2012

Christmas Spirit!

I instagrammed this a week or so ago, I found this santa for our front entryway table at Hobby Lobby!

This weekend I dove right in and started to wrap all the presents I have to mail to everywhere but to people who live in AZ. UGH kill me now. Last year mailing gifts costed me 60 dollars! 

I am loving my brown wrap and bakers twine as my choice of wrapping paper this year! :) Sometimes less is so much more! :) 

Our winter wreath came a few days ago! :) I wanted to order something via etsy of course, and a wreath that I could have up for not only December but January too. Here's the shop in case anyone is interested! 

Hubs and I got our first "Married" ornaments for our tree! 
(Well thanks to my shopping eye that saw them at Nordstoms) 
Both have the year 2012 on the back! :) 

Aren't these hand towels devine!?! I heart anthropologie. The one that says december has another month on the other side. It came in a set! 

And for your viewing pleasure, here's the fur child--in the mist of all the wrapping I did. Of course she had to be in the center of it all, would you expect anything less of her? haha Should of named her Diva! 



  1. Your decorations look wonderful!

  2. So cute. I really need to get on decorating. We couldn't afford a tree this year and that's the thing that always gets us going! oh well!


  3. cute stuff! i love the kitchen towels and all your holiday decor! :)

  4. Looks like you are gearing up for a fun Christmas season. I truly do love the simple wrapping. Looks great! :)

  5. The brown wrap and bakers twine is a PERFECT comb! Your fur child is adorable.

  6. Isn't shipping a pain??? We had to send gifts last year overseas to family - I learned that lesson the hard way! If we ever have to do it again we will definitely be buying online & shipping straight to them! We also have to mail picture frames each year which can get crazy expensive. I feel your pain!

  7. i love using brown paper as well. simple, yet it stands out.
    good luck on the shipping. we just mailed 2 boxes yesterday that were $20 and still have more. ugh.

  8. LOVE the anthro towels!! They are so perfect!


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