01 December 2010

What I'm Lovin Wednesday+

I haven't participated in What I'm Lovin Wednesdays in a looooooong while so here it goes!

I decided to put up my little X mas Tree today!  I got 2 new ornaments this year for the tree. They are vintage cameras! Way cool right? 20 bucks a piece not cheap! But really nice glass ornaments.

I am loving Mister Wonderful.

 He's been my rock lately esp with all my dog woes and my as of today officially confirmed sinus infection YUCK.

And Loving my Aspen.

 Through Thick and thin I will be the best dog owner I can!!

I am also lovin these 2 stockings I found on Etsy. Thanks for suggesting for me to check it out those of you who wrote me to check there. I scrolled through 77 pages (yeah that's how awesome I am haha Seventy Seven pages worth just to find the pefect stockings!)

The one with all the lace is the one I want for sure for me...I'd like my name on it somehow, but that might take away from it's vintage delicateness. (Is that even a word? haha I probably made it up Delicate-ness? ) Anywho.....

It was hard finding a "manly" stocking....not sure for sure what I want to do for Mister Wonderful.



  1. Thanks for playing along!

    Love those stockings and your new ornaments!

  2. Love the classy stalkings! Etsy is pretty amazing, you can find several things on there! And your Christmas tree is really cute and PERSONAL! Do. Not. Break. 20 dollar. said. glass ornaments! haha. About the VS models- no kidding! I would LOVE to work out twice a day and have giraffe legs but I have to work full time and go to school annnd....EAT out of my DRAWER at my desk. Ahhhh could you imagine being paid to climb on a treadmill or go to yoga, walk on a cat walk, and wear a MILLION dollar boulder holder? THE LIFE I tell you! haha

    Can we please talk about this Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift rumour that E! has confirmed is not. a. rumour.

    You are a great fur mommy to your baby girl. I know you hate it and if you would do anything for her!

  3. I love the Wild Things ornament!! :)

  4. Glad you found stockings...they are SUPER cute! And I love those camera ornaments!!!

  5. If you got your monogram instead of your name in a pretty cursive font, it might keep some of the vintage delicateness... just a thought!

  6. Your tree is so cute, we got a small one too :-) You & your man are such a beautiful couple!

    P.S. Your dog? TO DIE FOR

  7. Love the ornaments. I think if you did your name in a gray cursive, it would look fine on that stocking. Great choice on that too. :)

  8. I tried emailing you but not too sure if it worked!!!?

  9. Love these stockings. My mom sewed our names on our stockings growing up. LOVED IT.


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