04 December 2010

+Count Your Blessings+

Dear Fellow Bloggers-

Thank you so much for all your kind words, thoughts and prayers in regards to Aspen.
Yesterday was one H E double Hockey sticks rollercoaster ride for us.

I'll try to keep it short. Our normal vet we took Aspen to, basically scared the living crud outta me and had this whole notion that she probably has a collapsable trachea. Enter freaked out C Mae. It turned into a 400 dollar vet visit on Monday. Yes thats right 400 dollars! All to take 2 X rays and blood work!!!

Well after a few days of trying new steroids, those weren't helping so our reg vet referred us to see a Specialized Surgeon Vet, who's fee just to see any animal wasn't the normal 55 dollars it was 125 dollars!! Oy!!!

Had an appt set for Monday, but come yesterday she just got worse so i called in sick again for the second day in a row to school so I could take her in immediately to this new vet. Mister Wonderful went with me. I was a wreck. We got lucky because at the Vet, she finally started to make the noise in front of someone else other than us two!

They kept Aspen basically ALL afternoon to observe her. 3 o clock rolls around and they call me to come in. GOOD NEWS---it's not a collapsable trachea at all. THANK YOU GOD!!!! I wept all day. I wept dropping her off and leaving her there for hours, I wept on the car ride home, I wept with the sigh of relief of good news.

Then came some anger. I am REALLY frustrated with our suppose to be OH so awesome vet who sent me all the way to a specialist just to figure out that Aspen has an inflamed nasal cavity!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS???? That's it?

The specialized vet was great. we Spent a good few minutes talking about things like does my house have carpet or tile, where does Aspen sleep...etc etc.

Well, this inflammation is pretty much to do A. Weather. B. Allergies. and C. the fact that she has been sleeping under our bed for the last few weeks where there is NO air circulation at all. ARGH. The vet said to put her on some Sudafed decongestant. And lordy lordy wouldn't you know Aspen's fits have ceased. OHHHH eMMMMM GEEEE For real. She is still a little noisy when she breathes but it's only day 2 of her meds and she has already shown a lot of improvement. I moved her crate into our bedroom. I felt like a really mean mommy locking her in....Usually her crate is a place she goes to lay in on her own free will, but when she tried to scoot under the bed after I had stuffed it with pillows so she couldn't get under, I just simply couldn't have that.

Mister Wonderful didn't get home till late. He stayed up till 4 am with her, in the guest room playing on his new I pad and new Desktop Mac. I finally got a little sleep.

I guess I was so angry because the first vet made it out to be something way worse than it really was. Mister Wonderful who is a nurse, had totally said from day one "she just sounds like she has a cold, she sounds like YOU C MAE. "UGH. he's always right!!!!! hahah :)

The count your blessings part comes in because I almost walked away having to pay 2,000 dollars on tests they were going to run on her yesterday to figure out what was wrong..... More crying.

195 was all i paid to see the vet. Thank god. No tests, no nothing. Just simple observation on their behalf and we got this whole thing figured out.

As for changes around here, well there is definitely no more sleeping under the bed for miss Aspen. No sir! I have also told Mister Wonderful I will be the shoe Natzi and no more wearing shoes inside.

I am going to vaccum once a week, and we are getting a Hepa air filter for our bedroom since the Vet recommended it.
 So I leave you with pictures of the furry love of my life, ASPEN.

The day I got her.  April 2006. It Was Love at First Sight.

Doesn't she just melt your heart? I know stole mine!

Her First Bath. What a wet rat!

This magazine had so much helpful tips as a new pom owner. Can you see the difference in Nose color? haha Aspen got jipped in the pigment department.

Her first San Diego Dog beach experience! 

I have never loved something as much as loving my dog.  She is better than a best friend.  

Ending thought....
Good Grief I can only imagine what I will be like when I one day have human kiddos and how I'll react when they get their first cold!



  1. Happy to hear Aspen is okay! She is adorable!

  2. aww! i am so so glad to hear aspen is doing better. that is such a crazy emotional rollercoaster you had to deal with. i'm sorry! luckily you have your mister wonderful there to help you through it.

    these pictures are adorable. you can totally feel your love for aspen through them! hooray for sudafed :)

  3. I'm so glad you found out what was going on with Aspen and things are looking better. It's awful when one of your animals are sick and you don't know what to do, I have definitely been there and cried like a little baby the entire time.

    It's so LOVELY to hear that someone else likes the EVO. Not a lot of people I know have sprint so it's hard to get opinions on it. I've had a blackberry for so long but I've just wanted a change and the EVO looks like a good phone to change to.

  4. So glad to hear it wasn't a collapsable trachea, and the pictures are so adorable, especially the one when you first got her, so cute!


  5. Oh GIRL! I am so glad cutie pie Aspen is well and a-ok! I totally know the roller coaster of emotions...one of our dogs suddenly became paralyzed from the neck this past fourth of july. I was FREAKING out, and we stayed up all night with her as well. 3,200 dollars later, we found out she had a herniated disc and fully recovered from surgery!
    The things we do for our fur babies! :)

  6. I am so glad to hear that she is doing so much better! :)
    I love the pictures of her as a puppy! She was so so so tiny.

    PS Amazing Christmas playlist!


  7. AAAhhhh little Aspen! Love its heart! It is HARD being a diva and being a mommy of a DIVA haha.
    GLAD for you all that you heard music to your ears and are having a more relaxing weekend (I HOPE!)
    Christmas miracle maybe? :)

    Daisy May says YAYY ASPEN!! She is currently wrestling my stuffed NY Yankees bear on my bed that Mike bought me at Build a Bear...she thinks he is her boyfriend. Nice.

  8. aww! she is so cute! so glad to hear you got everything figured out and you are BOTH feeling better!!

  9. Poor baby Aspen, sooo happy she's going to be okay. I can't imagine if something happened. I know that dogs are like family! They really are.

    Love all the pics, she's precious!

  10. I'm so glad it was nothing serious. Poor Aspen, I hope she starts feeling better soon!

  11. I'm glad that they found out what was wrong with her! Willow had something similar when she was a puppy but we think it was seasonal. Scared the daylights out of me too!!!

  12. Oh my goodness...I'm so glad you pup is ok!! I know I hate any little noise that Trot makes that is out of the ordinary so can't believe what you must have been going through. But I'm glad they found out what was wrong, even if there was a run around!!

  13. Poor little Aspen! It can be so stressful when your baby is sick and you dont know why.

    On a happier note, I love the pictures where she got her first bath. So cute!

    Just found your blog and I'm excited to follow!

  14. Poor Aspen! I'm glad it's something less serious! I know you are just happy to know that she is going to be OK. We had a scare with Maddy yesterday. She was having coughing fits while I was working the marathon, and my husband had to rush her to the vet where we found out she has a sore throat. She's on doggie cough medicine now and an antibiotic. These dogs are going to be the death of us!

  15. SO glad she is ok! Sending thoughts your way!

  16. love the adorable first bath pictures.... what a cutie pie!!! glad she is okay, and you only had to spend a lot instead of a TON.

  17. YAY!!! I'm so happy and relieved for you! I can only imagine how happy you were... :) Hope you had a good rest of the weekend!

  18. So glad to hear Aspen is ok! Love all the pictures of her :)

  19. Phew! Glad to know things are looking up...but I totally feel you: I have no clue how I'm going to handle kiddos when my kitty kiddos already give me enough scares ;) have a better week! xo

  20. yay, aspen's okay!!!! those pictures... oh my. there is literally nothing cuter than a baby pompom. and the best part is that they just stay cute forever! i know all that was so scary and vets can be such a pain. i worry about minnie constantly because i know i would die if anything ever happened to my little baby!

  21. Aspen is so cute!! I love this post and am glad everything worked out OK! :)

  22. we sure would be besties if we lived in the same town! we are both crazy about our dogs!! i am so glad she is doing better. i hate hate paying $ at the vets! ugh! im still paying off the last visit! how old is aspen??

  23. OMG...so glad shes fine!! sucks you had to pay that much $ out..but better to know! xo

  24. I just found your blog today! It's great :) I love all the adorable pictures of Aspen. So glad she's feeling better!


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