12 December 2010

I +Ruche apparel!

It's been so long since I've bought anything for myself! With the recent unexpected vet bills, and soon to come doctor bills of co pays I didn't pay because I didn't know how much I owed (soon to be billed to me no doubt) this has left little room for any spending money. No more than gas money that's for sure!

Anyhow...I saw a few things I thought were cute...
I love skinny headbands but are any of you like me? Can't wear them to long without getting headaches? 
you can find it here

all items found via

I'm good at finding pieces of outfits, but never good at completing a "look". sucks! Anyone else have this problem? 



  1. Those boots are adorable!!

  2. Yes! I love headbands, they are so cute, but give me the worst headaches. :(

    Also, I always find the cutest tops or accessories, but then I think what the heck am I gonna wear this with?!

  3. I'm in love with that headband!!

  4. I love Ruche! It has SO many cute things!

  5. I loveeee this website. I've bought a few things off of it and have adored them.

    Is Safe Haven good?

  6. The skinny head band is so me.. its instant headache.. and I thought I was the only one :)

    also had a very unexpected vet bill back in sept - still paying for it ugh

  7. I think headbands are adorable but I wear glasses alot and that doesn't always work out! And I so wish I could be good at creating "looks" too. Usually I am okay with the shirt and jewelry, but pretty much just wear that with jeans. So boring!


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