30 December 2010

I'm getting the Itch!

What itch is that you ask? The  I-NEED-A-NEW-CAMERA-ITCH. I'm horrible I know. Ha. But first anyone that knows me, ( a few of you bloggers do) should know my area of concentration on college was Photography. Film photography. So the digital thing was just bursting onto the scene as I finished school. It's heart breaking to me that film is pretty much obsolete. Being in a darkroom is unheard of. And developing prints the old school way is just practically dead.

I collect vintage cameras. I have for the last 5 years. I still have and use my film cameras from college which I have blogged about before.

I have gone through 3 digital cameras.

I had a canon first,
Not this exact model, I can't remember the exact model I had, but it was big and bulky and heavy.

 a Kodak duel lens as my second,
Mine was sliver :) I actually sold mine to a co worker at my old school district that I worked in. He loved it! 

and my 3rd right now is a Nikon
This exact one

which I have to be honest about, I think it takes SHITTY pictures.  A Nikon take shitty pictures? How can that be???

Anyone who truly knows photo, knows MEGAPIXELS has nothing to do with photo other than how big you wanna blow the print up. Got that? So I love hearing people say well how many megapixels does it have? DOES IT REALLY MATTER? Are you planning on printing larger than life prints? I doubt it! What I did/do love about my point and shoot camera now is unlike most digital little cameras out there, most have 3x zoom mine has 7x. Very nice. But other than that, I think my pictures often turn out pixelated looking. I think the images look unclear and trust me, I have played with all the settings numerous times and the pics still don't look so hot. I don't know.

So for the last year, I have been asking around. Many of you fellow bloggers I have enquired to, asking what fabulous cameras you use to capture your beautiful moments with. The majority have said you own a DSLR.... aka a big girl camera. the kind that professionals use! :)

A very good girlfriend of mine works for Lifetouch photography, and a fellow blogger  Emily P. :) both seem to highly recommend this latest model of Nikon D3100. I think this may be the one!

I am scared and nervous all at the same time. Mister Wonderful asked me when I wanted to get this. He of course wants me to pay off my Credit Cards first. Which I fully plan on doing....well at least getting one paid off, but only to turn around and get this camera! Is that bad? hehe

And of course every camera needs a camera bag.....which most are super ugly and boring that I've seen. I found this one on Etsy..

I will ask again, What do you all Use as your camera? even with point and shoot ones. List away because I truly do want to know!



  1. I just got a new Sony Cybershot for Christmas... I haven't played around with it a whole lot yet, and I'm certainly not very good with photography (aka I know nothing about it) but it seems to take pretty good pictures! But then again, anything takes better pictures than the Casio Exilim I had before that.

    Good luck getting your new camera! I'm very jealous - a DSLR is probably going to be my next one in a few years.

  2. I took a few photography classes in high school and loved developing photos in the darkroom! It was just such a good feeling!!

    I use a Sony Cybershot, that's what all (3) of my digital cameras have been, I'm really happy with the pictures and the usability of the camera

  3. I too am on the hunt for a new camera! I am wanting to get the Canon Rebel! AKA: a big girl camera! :) Mom has a Nikon and loves hers! She got the package deal at Best Buy with the extra lens, camera, and camera bag!

  4. I have a Kodak EasyShare Z1285 12 Mega Pixel camera. It's about two years old, and it's been a really good camera so far! All the pictures I post on my blog are were taken with it, so you be the judge! I have also been looking to get a new camera, and Nikon D3100 is highly recommended by a lot of people! I looked it up, and it's actually priced really well!

  5. I don't know a thing about cameras, but I'm jealous of your photography major!! I've always wanted to take photography classes and learn about the different lenses and such. Good luck in the camera hunt!! :)

  6. I have a Sony Cybershot for my digi and I like it a lot. I want the Canon Rebel for my birthday this summer! I've heard amazing things about it.

  7. I know NOTHING about camera's all though, am learning. My mom & sister both have the Nikon DSLR camera & I just got the Canon EOS latest one...it's Ah-mazing! And your post just got me excited for a new camera bag. My boyfriend got me a zoom lens with it & it took the BEST photo of my little bones face I've EVER seen. I never knew I could love a camera much as I do lol. Good luck in your search! I love the yellow & black bag!

  8. I use a Nikon D3000, but honestly I couldn't begin to tell you how much I love it yet because I'm still learning the ropes on it. I made the change to a DSLR because, like you, I thought my point & shoot camera made my photos too grainy, especially when zoomed out all the way.

  9. Get the Nikon! Get the Nikon! I have one and LOVE it! I love taking pictures and take my baby (the nikon) everywhere I go! ;-)

    Happy Thursday Darling! xo

    Oh, and I'm having a perfume giveaway if you're interested!

  10. I just got the Canon G12 earlier this month -- I absolutely have fallen head over heels in love with it! Make sure to let us know what you decide on when you get a new camera!!

  11. I have a Canon PowerShot SD3500IS and I love it. It's a point and shoot, and someday I would LOVE a dSLR, but it's not in the budget right now. :)

  12. My point and shoot:
    Canon PowerShot SD3500IS
    I would highly rec this one for P&S. It's durable and takes really really nice pictures.

    The DSLR we just bought is a Canon Rebel XS. I want to take pictures of EVERYTHING with it! I'm still learning to use it with all the settings (on manual) and am really enjoying how user friendly it is =)

  13. I had a nikon coolpix as my last camera and it took TERRIBLE pictures... i don't think I ever even got a decent picture from that piece of junk. My dad is a professional photographer and he is all about canon!

  14. I remember going on a field trip or some science camp when I was younger and we got to go into a darkroom and see the process of creating photos..I remember thinking it was really cool! That is awesome you studied it in college...it makes you original! :)

  15. I have a Nikon coolpix for a P&S and I do not like it at all. My husband bought a Canon rebel recently, but I haven't learned to use it. However, it takes amazing pictures!

  16. I just bought a new camera!! I am like you, I have wanted one for a while, and finally bit the bullet and did it! I have A LOT of learning to do though. Oh, and check out Kelly Moore camera bags - they're amazing!!

  17. I just got a Nikon D3000 and I love it already, it takes great pictures and I am so excited to start using it. I also loveee love love that camera bag, it is so cute!!!


  18. i am really in need of a new camera, too! i am going to check that nikon out.

    i love your blog! :)

  19. I am completely camera happy! I love taking pictures. I really want to find a film camera. I think it would be really fun.
    I use to have a sony cybershot point and shoot that I loved! It finally gave out after about 4 years. When I went looking for a new point and shoot I came across the Nikon s4000. I have heard only good things about Nikon and it was on sale so I got it. Nothing but absolute trouble! I have sent it back twice in the last 6 months for lense issuse. Very annoying. Hopefully they can fix it right this time. I miss my sony LOL
    Let us know which one you end up going with!! Oh and the camera bag is adorable!!


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