03 December 2010

_Fill in the Blank Friday_

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{1}Holiday spirit: is currently at a low right now

{2}The Holidays are incomplete without....

 Definitely a Christmas Tree with Presents!

{3} My favorite things to do around the holidays is to watch these

{4} A holiday tradition my family and I have was

(mostly when I was Younger) Since I am grown up now haha and haven't lived at home since I left for college back in the day, I can't say I carry it on by my self but it was going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve with my Dad. 

{5}Holiday music is: Super annoying to hear before Thanksgiving has even hit! A CD that I listen to usually a few days before X mas is

{6} This year, I'll be spending the holidays: not alone! This year it's Me, Mister Wonderful and Aspen. 

{7} Holiday wish list: Right now all I want is for Aspen's Vet appt with the surgeron to go well. I am scared out of my mind that we won't get this collapsable trachea fixed. Both Mister Wonderful and I were up at 4 am with her...she was having episodes every few minutes...

Have a little faith in me.......

Say a little prayer if you pray for others, say one for my dog! 



  1. awww this looks like a fun game! I hope your dogs surgery goes well too!

  2. i hope you are feeling better soon hun!
    i also LOVE to watch holiday movies! they are my favorite, i plan to watch some tonight.
    praying for your sweet pup.

  3. I'll be praying for Aspen!

  4. I'll be thinking about y'all and little Aspen! Feel better soon!

  5. Oh no! I can't believe Aspen is having episodes that often. I hope everything goes OK and you start feeling better.

  6. ill be thinking of you and your puppy!!

    p.s. LOVE home alone!

  7. I absolutely have to watch National Lampoons at least twice over the holidays...just doesn't feel like Christmas without it:)

  8. Oh I hope her surgery goes well too!! :(
    and Christmas Vacation is a MUST for the holidays!
    have a great weekend!

  9. I LOVE the Amy Grant Christmas album. My sister and I used to dance in our tu-tus to it when we were little!

  10. wow...Amy Grant looked hot! hahaha

  11. I don't listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving either, I get sick of it too quickly before Christmas even gets here if I do!


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