13 December 2010

Home sick

Not as in missing home, I'm still at my home, SICK still from strep throat. I'll probably go back to work tomorrow, I'm very low on sick days now. Mister Wonderful has been a Nazi about me staying in bed!

Anyhow, today while TV channel surfing, I stumbled upon this beauty.

Can I just say I want to be a girl in the 70s! The clothes, the hair, the blush on their cheeks. How fab the women looked back then! Esp the ladies on the show! I'm partial to Cheryl Ladd myself (she's the blonde that replaced Farrah who left after only one season)

I mean how does one get such Fab hair like this? I mean they had less beauty hair products back then than we have now! What's the secret!?!

Do you have a fave vintage oldie tv show?

On another note, a while back I had a few comments of people not knowing that Gwen Paltrow's mum was also very famous. Here are some famous mother daughter duos.

Here mom is Blythe Danner. (if you've seen Meet the Parents then you know who she is)

Know who this is?


Judy Garland and Daughter Liza Minnelli

Here's an easier one for ya
Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn 



  1. Hope you feel better soon girlie!

  2. OMG had no idea Judy and Liza were related or Gwenyth and Blythe! I am a HUGE Farrah fan since I was a little girl, been trying to get my hair to do that for years too! Wearn't they beautiful back then? I just watched "Meet Me In St. Louis" 2 nights ago and Judy Garland was so beautiful. xx

  3. Ggggrgrrrrr CANNOT believe I missed White Christmas!!!! The bed Natzi- that is what you get for having a bf in the medical field haha

  4. Judy and Liza are mother and daughter?!?!?!?!?!!!!! wow.

    hope you're feeling TONS better tomorrow!!

  5. feel better! it's kind of a sicky time of year, i think. and ps. i always wish i had farrah's hair!

  6. I hope you're feeling better! I love Blythe Danner, by the way. And of course Gwyneth is awesome! Did you know she has a blog? It's great!



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