23 December 2010

Movie Review

Black Swan.

Anyone else see it? I went alone. Mister Wonderful was working, and all my gal pals are out of town for X mas obviously so I went solo. To be quite honest, I don't know how I feel about this film!

Ballet is such a beautiful thing, it was great to see the dancing, all things dancers endure/go through..but man this was a dark role for Natalie. I wasn't used to seeing her so well......dirty? She definitely broke her good girl role!



  1. Black Swan definitely looks like a kind of movie which you kind of can't explain. It definitely looks interesting, it's probably packed with so much symbolism and metaphor that they seep through. Aside from the movie though, I praise your bravery in going to the movies alone! I think it takes a lot of confidence and self-awareness to do so. I love a little me time :)

  2. the hubs and I both want to see it! it does look a bit dark though...


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