06 January 2014

The Bachelor--Juan Pablo

Holy guacamole! 

So purely based on "first impressions" these are my top picks for Juan Pablo!


My first pick was Christy. (Okay, I may have just picked her simply because I LOVED her hair with the pretty sparkly headband she rocked)



Next up, 
I'd pick Clare (the girl who faked being pregnant)

(My hubby picks Clare just from first impressions right out of the limo)

Alexis is my next pick

And Ali Fed's look alike aka Nikki is my final pick. 

I have to admit I never thought he'd give the first impression rose to those most stand-offish girl aka the opera singer!

Yikes! Anyone else think he'll keep her around or no?


  1. I tuned in right when the girl thought he said her name and it was someone else... awkward! I wasn't going to watch.. but I think I will get sucked in again!

  2. There seems to be some seriously crazy girls on the show this season! My friend and sorority sister Alli is on the show this season and it's so crazy to watch someone you know get out of the limo.

    My favorites, besides Alli, were Nikki and Andy - although I can't decide if Andy is going to be one of the mean girls this season. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!



  3. I liked Clare, too! I have to say the lawyer was my favorite, though. I think the opera singer might be the source of some of the drama... they showed too many previews of her crying. She is gorgeous, but I hope she is out soon!

  4. Interesting picks-- we're kind of polar opposites on our predictions :)

  5. um. i agree with your picks, those are my top runners.
    and no.. the opera singer.. no.
    the fact that she said "sure...yes.." and said in comments "i thought there would be a instant connection."

  6. i was surprised that he gave the opera singer the rose too... maybe he likes a challenge since she didn't really seem to be feeling him so much!

  7. Totally random first impression rose too.. I like all your picks those are my top choices as well!

  8. I like Claire and Rene. The 1st impression rose took me by surprise... I def didn't see that coming!

  9. I like Claire and Andy (the DA)...but I think all the girls are so much better this season than in the past few seasons!!!

  10. I was surprised about Shareen (the opera singer) too. Especially with her reaction. If I were him I would have been like "yeah, nevermind" haha

  11. I like Nikki too. The first impression rose was awkward!

  12. All pretty girls! Shall be interesting


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