13 January 2014

Alright Alright Alright

Golden Globes. I have to be honest and say the highlight of speeches was Matthew's speech. His famous "Alright Alright Alright" line came out in his speech and if you don't know what that's from then clearly you have never seen "Dazed and Confused."  A little trivia for you...

Matthew actually says that line out of nervousness! :) So hearing him opening it up and say it on the Golden Globes, even though he was super calm when talking, he must of felt super nervous at the beginning! 

Move it up to 26 seconds to see the exact line. :) 


I also found it quite funny that they had former co stars Matthew and Reese sitting by each other. Must of been the "southern" table. (Texas boy and Tennessee girl) 


Can we just say how fabulous Reese's hair looked?!?! She was paying homage to her Sweet Home Alabama shorter do that's for sure! 

I love Rob Lowe, but thought his hair was a little to high for my liking! 


71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Jessica Chastain is a KNOCKOUT. I mean wow! I was sad she wasn't up for anything this year, I think she is uber talented!

Worst outfit and hair for me goes to this little lady
Oh Hayden, the slicked back hair just doesn't suit you. Thank goodness they don't make you wear it like that on Nashville! 

I'm not a huge Modern Family of Sofia fan, but she takes the cake for the best dressed in my opinion for the ladies last night. I mean wow! 

I really thought Sandra looked quite lovely in her outfit, clearly she doesn't take the best photographs but looked amazing on screen! 

I was jumping up and down when Robin Wright won ( just blogged all about her a few posts ago with a House of Cards post)

Diane Keaton has amazing hair for being 68 years old. That's all I can say about that! 

And no post would be complete with out a little man candy of Channing right?! Here's he and his wifey Jenna channing-tatum-jenna-dewan-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet

and hello Kevin Bacon. Did you ever age since Footloose because you look exactly like your Ren McCormick days! 
2014 Golden Globes red carpet arrivals

And as far as Jared Leto goes, I have to be honest and say that I thought his win was WELL DESERVED. Yes, he took a break from films for six years to focus on his music. There is nothing wrong with that. It shouldn't make him or anyone else less deserving to win. Second, I was seriously super annoyed with everyone on twitter who kept calling him yay Jordan won (reference from his My So called Life days) Do yourself a favor and watch the film he and Matthew won for. It's so enlightening about AIDS. If you missed that post you can check it out here because I went and saw it and know why they picked these fellas to win! Trust me!

There you have it folks! Did I have any of the same or different top picks as you did for the Golden Globes? 

I left Jennifer Lawrence off the list simply because I am not fond of her shorter hair and I thought her dress was a "Meh" for me type feeling. I was really happy she won and thought she was well deserving of the win! 


  1. I love his signature line! He's still looking awfully skinny though

  2. I agree with you about Reese! Love her with sassy hair! And turquoise looked amazing on her!

    And don't get me started on JLaw. I'm not quite on the bandwagon since I've never read or seen the Hunger Games...or any other movie she's in, actually. But her dress reminded me of The Little Mermaid when she got legs and put on the sheet dress with the ropes around it.

    JWoww from Jersey Shore posted Hayden P's picture on her Insta saying "Gorgeous!!!" - so that basically tells you where that dress stands.

    My favorite dresses were Margot Robbie and Maria Menounos.

    Favorites overall: Rashida Jones, Amy Adams, and Kate Mara!

  3. I 100% agree with all of this! Especially the Sandra Bullock "it looks better on screen" opinion. Also Matthew always has my heart... ALWAYS, in all ways.


  4. Reese does have a great hair cut! Thought Diane Keaton looks SO old and the suit was a bad choice, but her hair is great.

  5. ok so fun fact. Dazed and confused is about my hometown and people my parents were friends with. A few of them even still live there. hahahaha I have to admit that I really just watched for Amy and Tina.

  6. sofia and reese, i agree. just soooo beautiful.
    matthew, channing, and jared. swoon

  7. Reese always knocks it outta the park!

  8. I wasn't a fan of Jennifer's dress either. I really think Matthew and Jared are both going to win at the Oscars. Such GREAT performances!


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