04 January 2014

Show Addiction: House of Cards

The last television series I wanted from start to finish was Breaking Bad. That show started off so graphic and bloody with the shootings and drug deals I wasn't sure I'd take to the show. Not to mention that it showcased a teacher selling drugs. I'm glad people told me to keep watching because it was a great show!

My husband and I also love watching Homeland starring Claire Danes. Which leads me to my new found love for House of Cards.
We just finished watching Season 1 and OMG this has to be my new favorite show! I never thought a show based on Presidents and politics would ever hold my attention. Boy was I wrong! 


The downside to the show is that if you don't have netflix, you can't watch it. I think Netflix is super smart for this marketing move! :) 

The cast for this show is OUTSTANDING. I mean I've never seen such great acting. Ever. 

And Robin Wright (Formerly Robin Wright Penn who split with longtime hubby Sean Pean) is SUPERB. She looks AMAZING for her age and her wardrobe in the show has me taking notes for when I am older! That's how I want to look! 


And what is it with Kate Mara always getting to play the "other woman?" She was the young mistress on American Horror Story before not being in the last few seasons. I remember her from being in We Are Marshall


What are your must watch shows/series? 

I've seen/watched the following series from start to finish:

Dawson's Creek

The O.C.
Friday Night Lights
 The Sopranos
The Wonder Years
Breaking Bad
Prison Break

There's probably more I just can't think of them right now! 


  1. I loved House of Cards! Once I started watching I was addicted. Now I'm patiently waiting season 2! Another show I've been watching is Scandal and Prison Break. Both are really good!

  2. I keep hearing amazing things about HOC! I just started watching the Sopranos and it's so great. I don't know why I waited so long.

  3. House of Cards was one of my favorite Netflix finds as well. I can't wait for Season 2 on February 14!


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