15 January 2014

Bachelor Recap

I have to say episode 2 was my favorite "date" I've ever seen the Bachelor producers come up with. I am a HUGE dog lover and seeing this as a date totally melted my heart. You can tell a lot by a person and how they are around animals. There were a few girls if I was Juan Pablo I would of  axed right from this date with the way they said things like "I hope I don't get peed on" or the girl who reacted about her dog drooling. God forbid how they'll be if they ever have a human child that pees or poops on them! Stupid idiots.

And Andi sweetie, (girl holding the adopt photo) you need to cool your jets and get over being "naked." I could see if she had a tummy with some flab but hello, see the girls body??? I have yet to see anyone on the bachelor overweight have you? 

Which brings me to the next point in wondering if an african american girl will ever make it as the final girl standing or why they haven't had one on the show as the Bachelor. I really liked Chanel! 

And as for our nudist Lucy whom I know everyone likes to rag on, she's alright with me. At least she doesn't go and get hammered and hide in bathroom stalls crying like a high school girl. I was really happy when Juan Pablo was thinking of who was going to be around his daughter and how he could'nt have someone like that be around her.

Well kids, until next week! What did you all think about this episode? 


  1. I absolutely LOVED this date. Being a dog lover, it just made me down right giddy that the show was doing something to help the animals. From what I gathered, the reason why Andi was worried about posing nude was because of her job (district attorney) not because she was afraid of being naked. My favorite so far is Kat. Their electric run date looked like so much fun! Victoria was a total train wreck. I was laughing out loud at some of her comments.

  2. I loved this episode because there was actually some drama!!! Loved Andi and loved Kat. The whole model for dogs was amazing and glad it was for a good cause. I was a little shocked at who got the rose on the group date though… Where did that girl come from?

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde

  3. Drama for yo momma.. Interesting episode.. Clare is an interesting one love her style though..

  4. This was a good episode! I have a feeling that this season is going to be very interesting!


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