02 January 2014

Day 2 of 2014

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new years eve! I didn't take to many pictures at the gathering I went to simply because I ended up leaving early to head home early! I must be getting old.

Or I simply just don't feel the need or see the point in being up past 2am anymore.

The theme of the NYE party I was invited to was "comfy or pajama party." The reason being was that my friends. the hosts of the party, had just flown in from IL to AZ that morning so they wanted to be comfortable as well, esp in their own home! 

This is what I came up with as my "comfy" but cute outfit


My lacedhair extensions made their second debut out for the special holiday!

Everyone was asked to bring a dessert or appetizer, and every year I bring the same thing since these are such a hit with guests. Cheesecake stuffed strawberries.


It was my first time playing Cards Against Humanity. Which if you've ever played Apples to Apples, it's the same thing only the X rated version of the game. 
We had fun. I don't know which game I like more, this one, or the Apples to Apples.

I hda to take a picture of my friend's cute little new year sign. :) 


As much fun as it's been being home to relax, I am glad that work resumes on Monday, as I miss my routine and have so much to dive into once school starts back up. Big art show in February will be here before I know it, and I have to get my students crackin' on their projects!

How was your NYE spent? Stay at home? Go out? 


  1. It was my first time playing Cards Against Humanity over NYE as well! I thought it was hysterical, but I'd still play Apples to Apples once in awhile, too... They're both fun!

  2. Those leggings are super cute! I ended up staying home for NYE. We've spent the past three NYE in Chicago doing the big party thing and it was so nice to relax and not feel absolutely terrible the next morning.

    Cheers to 2014!


  3. Such a cute platter with your initials. Do you mind sharing where its from?

    1. Hey Amy! The dish was a wedding gift! I know it's from Etsy, I'm just not sure from who on Etsy! :) Hope that helps!

  4. We played Cards Against Humanity on NYE - it was fun, especially when you're the only sober one, haha. I love those leggings, too!

  5. Love those leggings! It looks like you had a fun NYE!


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