02 June 2013

80% of women are....

Wearing the wrong Bra size. Did you know that? I didn't. And apparently for the last 5 years of my life, I've been wearing the WRONG size bra and never knew it. 

You see, not having a mom all these years, and a step mom who isn't exactly someone I am close enough to go to for these types of questions, made any "girl" stuff for me extra hard. I basically taught myself how to wear makeup, or what to wear because I wasn't comfortable asking for help.

For years I've always thought bras looked funny on me. I have always been a small chested girl, and I am totally okay with that, seeing how I love to wear a size XS and S in Tee shirts and such is a huge plus! :) 

I thought this video was very helpful showing what a bra looks like that is "wrong" and what one looks like that is "right"

So where am I going with all of this?? 

Well today is my 31st birthday, and I just finally said, enough is enough, quit being shy about it and go get measured. I've heard lots of stories about girls getting measured "Wrong" and such and being told the wrong size. Into Victoria's Secret I went and had TWO different girls measure me without telling each of them what the previous girl measured me, and both were  "older" and seemed like they were experts in what they were doing. All these years I thought I was a 34A when in fact I am really NOT that size! so needless to say, I have some bras to sell! 


I bought these bras a year or so ago and have NEVER worn them!!!! Literally sitting in my dresser because well, let's face it, I bought them because I thought they were pretty, but they are not something I would wear as a teacher at school. 


They are originally $52 Angels bras. 

Do I have any takers or bloggers who are a size 34A That would want to take these off my hands for me? I'd take $25 for one! :) 

Make me an offer!

I give just about everything I don't wear anymore to Goodwill, but since these are pratically brand new, I just felt like I should try to sell them first before donating them!

And for those of you wondering, my correct size is a 32D! :) I KNOW it's the right size because all the bras I bought fit perfect, no discomfort and look way way better than I ever have! 



  1. Whoa girl - weren't you uncomfortable for the last few years?? I finally got measured for the first time at VS this year, too, and I thought I was a 34D, but turns out I am a 32DDD. I bought a new bra in my new size and it's a completely different world!

  2. If you still have these and haven't taken them to Goodwill yet; I will take all three. I am that size and that would help me out to not pay $60 a piece at V.S..

    P.S. Love your blog!

    1. Hey girl I actually sold them recently on Poshmark! If you are looking for a good deal on VS bras check out the app it had a ton of VS bras on there.


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