28 June 2013

Bachelor Recap

I'm a little late in recapping this week's episode, but I just got done watching it! 

First and foremost, Ben.

Ben the proclaimed "Christian." If there's one thing I know about real true Christians it's that they don't proclaim over and over how "Christian" they are to try to "prove" it to others around. Followed by a slur of F bombs and cuss words. How very christian of you Ben. Good riddance. 

Next up Bryden.

I had "heard" and read online that the reason he left was because he was still hung up on a girl back home. Hmmmmmm reminds me of Frank from Ali's season. 


Whether or not that is true, who knows. 

How cool was this water on water hot tub?! I've never seen or heard such a thing till I saw this on the show! Who ever came up with this idea--genius! 

Then there was Mikey who also went home. Poor guy, nice athletic italian guy just just had one of those over boisterous personalities that just isn't for every one. 

Speaking of italian men...

13 - 1
Love my althetic italian hubby!

  He is definitely the extreme opposite in personality compared to Mikey the italian on the show! 

I thought she made all the right choices this week with her picks of sending guys home. 
What did you think?


  1. If I had a hottub boat, my husband would never get me out of it! ha.


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