13 June 2013

Hawks Win!


What a game last night! As a girl being from Chicago and all, I was glued to the game at work watching Boston battle it out with the Hawks. It's nice to see a team go all the way. Our Bears didn't do so well last football season, and The Bulls did great up until the end, and due to many of our star players being injured, that kind of crushed any advancement to the finals.
Do I dare mention my Cubs?  hahah can't recall the last time we won much of anything, but never the less I'm still a loyal fan! 


  1. We were up real late last night, too, but were hoping for a Bruins win! Regardless, anxiety is on over-drive in triple over time! There are a lot of tired people at work today!

  2. First, I love the Wayne's World reference. I say "Game On" all the time. Second, I'm glad other people watch hockey! Love it!

  3. It was such an intense game! I'm a huge hockey fan and even though my team was out during the second round, I am excited for Chicago =)

  4. i'm a major hockey fan!! now that my beloved ducks are out i'm 100% rooting for Chicago!!


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