11 June 2013

Bachelorette Recap!

She sent Brandon home! Noooo! 
I was so sad when she did, but you can't force something that just isn't there. Poor guy, he fell hard and fast in all the wrong ways for Desiree' and there was no stopping him.

Anyone viewing on TV could totally see when he kissed her, she was just not "feeling" it. Trouble is he couldn't seem to see what everyone in America was seeing!

Moving on,
douchebag Brian with the girlfriend who came on national television to dog him. We've seen this before on previous seasons, have we not? 


Let's take a walk down memory lane shall we?

If memory serves me correctly these knobs all had girlfriends while trying to be on the show!

Remember this guy from Ali's season? 

Justin Rego, the wrestler on the show who goes by the lame nickname “Rated R.”  He SO totally had a girlfriend!!

And we can't forget Frank from that same season since he "wasn't feeling Ali" towards the end of their run due to still having feeling for an ex girlfriend. 

There are actually more to this list, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Rumor has it that a fella right now on Desiree's season is going to pull a Frank and bail on her because of a girl back home...Hmmmm...



  1. Yeah, I was not surprised that another guy pulled the same stunt that has happened in previous seasons. My top pick for Des right now is Bryden- he is a sweetie!


  2. ooh im interested in who it is gonna be... this is one of the first times im not going to look on reality steve to see who wins

  3. I liked Brandon so much!!! I feel bad for him, but like you said if it wasnt there...

  4. I thought Brandon was really cute but there just wasn't any chemistry, he wasn't her type! Was totally not a fan of Brian, glad to see him go, it really didn't surprise me he had a girlfriend!


  5. Remember Wes?? Ugh, what a DBAG!


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