20 June 2013

North. The Name?

I hate to be negative. I do not live my life around negative people or being a downer to others that's for sure. However, in this exception of famous people and naming their kids....

If you've followed me for the past 3 years you KNOW how I do a name post each year of the most wacked out or creative names I get for students over the years.

If you missed those posts you can read it here and here

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Naming a child NORTH because their last name is WEST?

 (In case you were at work or sleeping when Kim K and Kanye revealed their baby's name last night) 

I mean Is there a secret 'Baby Name Book' for celebrities called 'Stupid Names that people will talk about to make you relevant!?

I've only heard of one instance where the name "North" has been used for a first name and it was for a boy in a movie called North! The star was Elijah Wood! Anyone else see the movie? I swear I'm not making it up!


Let me just say this, as a teacher of 9 years, I can tell you that their kid will get picked on for her name. Fact-kids are cruel. And as for us teacher folk, we think you parents are ridulous if you name your kid this. Seriously. I mean where's lefty and Righty Hand? Get where I'm going with this?

I rest my case.

This ranks right up there with Blue Ivy (Beyonce's kid)
Egypt (Alicia Key's son)
Denim (Toni Braxton's son)
Tennessee (Reese Witherspoon) yes even the beloved Reese's kid makes the list.

On a happy note, I just hope that little baby girl is loved. Could of been worse right?


  1. Couldn't agree more. Could have been worse, but still not great. Come'on parents get with program.

    PS Love your blog facelift!!!

  2. So North West is a girl?!? Not like it would be better if it was a boy. Smh.

    In elementary school, people used to make fun of my last name (maiden) and it wasn't unusual or anything. I couldn't imagine these kids that have these so oddball names; it would have to be inevitable.

  3. such a horrible name! especially for a girl!!

  4. i thought the name was a joke...i was racking my brain thinking of potential "K" names they might use, but never in my life did I think it would be directional!!! weirdos...why do celebrities do this to their kids???

    they need to take a lesson from some of the names you come across with teaching ;)

  5. I'm not sure.. I actually like the name North, but not together as North West. I'm "iffy" about it to be honest.


  6. I have a friend who is naming her unborn baby girl Kadence, so for her sake, I was HOPING, they wouldn't name baby West Kaidence, but North West? Really? That's awful.

  7. Just another way to seek attention. North wouldn't be AS bad if West wasn't the last name. I am surprised it's not North Kardashian West. Who am I kidding...it probably is.

  8. Oh so so so so wrong. WHY didn't they just stick with something with a K?! My girlfriend and I are hoping maybe it's a con to stick it to the press.. Hopefully that's true? IDK.. Otherwise.. That poor poor child.. A girl to boot!

  9. Oh and another thing.. You got your blog done by Kinch Designs too?! did you get the full big package? I need a blog facelift asap..I'm also debating changing my blog name.. Thoughts?

  10. I think it's ridiculous.. I feel bad for the poor kid!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  11. I do think that North+West is ridiculous, but I actually like the name North. My first name is Jessica, and I've always hated how popular it was the year I was born. I never had a class that didn't have at least 4 other jessica's there with me. So, I've always been a fan of unique names. But, North+West, just no.

  12. Good thing the last name isn't korea lol. But this is just plain ridiculous

  13. Did you watch Chelsea Lately last night???? One of the comedians said if the girl becomes a stripper, they can call her "North Pole". Bahahhaa. I died laughing!! :)

  14. That poor kid! I bet she won't be getting picked on too bad because I bet she'll be going to a school with other kids with similar crazy names. And I LOVED that movie growing up. Bruce in a bunny suit... YES!


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