28 May 2013

What I'm Loving lately...

I've been meaning to share these "finds" for a while just didn't have time to get around to it, until now. 

I think I've tried numerous "faux" tanners out there since giving up the tanning bed over a year ago. The product that I have fallen for is the Banana Boat Summer Color tanning lotion. Holy moly does this stuff WORK! The first time I applied it, the next day at work my co workers asked if I had spent the afternoon outside! I was like, nope it's my fake tan! LOL They were shocked and totally thought I was pulling their leg!


My best advice to using this the best way possible is to SHAVE and MOISTURIZE a ton before putting this on. I shave everyday, so this was not a new step in my beauty routine, but adding a real thick layer of lotion BEFORE putting on the tanning lotion was. I have been in love with Soap and Glory's Butter lotion and I don't think I'll ever use anything else ever again!!! 


I've also been loving the Living Proof Shampoo. PSSHHT. Say what?! The hair queen shared a hair secret! This shampoo is good stuff. I love it. I bought the "kit" to start with, hoping that I'd love it and wouldn't of wasted my money. Thankfully I am in "love" with it and will definitely be buying the full size bottles of shampoo and conditioner! 


I watched Jennifer Aniston talk about it on facebook, and was really aggravated at how many mean women there are out there commenting really hateful things on her wall, like "oh she must of spent all of her money if she has to do a hair care informercial." Boo to those negative nancies.

I recently tried a new moisturizer 

The first 3 days I was like wow! A moisturizer that works! But after that, I wasn't feeling the "fresh" or rejuvinated feeling I felt when I first tried that. I mean 3 days and wham my face already built up a resistance to it?

Anyone else have this problem!? 

I am still using it, I even tried rotating with the 3 other go to moisturizers I have to "change it up" on my face to see if that would help.

Any must have beauty products out there that y'all are using and loving?



  1. I have been looking for a faux tanner that works well for awhile, tried a few with mixed sucess and wasnt crazy about results. So I will definitely give this one a try.


  2. Oh cool, I want to try that self tanner :) Thanks for the tips on application :)



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