26 May 2013

Let's go to the Movies!

Okay. I fully admit I am a Fast and Furious junkie. I admit whole heartedly that I've seen every single movie in the theater. I own all of them on DVD (Cept the Tokyo Drift one) I mean hello no Paul Walker then no bueno in my book!

This latest installment was AWESOME! Jam packed with action action action. Yes, some of the action sequences were very over the top, but I mean from the beginning all the car action scenes have always been that way!


Tyrese was the funniest person in this film. Great acting. He had my husband and I cracking up.

If you liked any of the movies in this series, I would highly recommend seeing this in the theater while you can.




  1. we are going on wednesday and I cannot wait! We have all of the movies on DVD/blueray and we watch them all the time! They're all so good and I can't wait until wednesday!

  2. I have been hearing how good this one is but I haven't seen any of the others so I'm guessing I would have to see the others first.


  3. I am also a Fast and furious junkie but I haven't made it to the theaters yet to see the latest one! I seriously can't wait!!

  4. Um, can I just get in on that last picture??? Holy hotties!


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